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Synonyms for cinerarium

a burial place or receptacle for human remains

Synonyms for cinerarium

a niche for a funeral urn containing the ashes of the cremated dead


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Instead, these chests are replaced by serried rows of cinerary urns, offering a very different and renewed sense of the presence of the dead gathered around the high altar.
supply and installation of furniture for cinerary spaces single market comprising a wafer farm: supply and installation of headstones, curbs, pebbles, columns, columbaria and benches, and a conditional phase: supply and installation of two benches
It has three main parts: the low density burial area with individual graves partly dug into the hillside; an individual ossuary tower; and a cloistered ossuary and store for cinerary remains.
Together, the tombs housed 434 loculi for corpses, eight niches for cinerary urns, and three sarcophagi.
They practised both inhumation and cremation, and produced caskets in various sizes, the most common of which are cinerary urns made of alabaster and terracotta.
An unusual cinerary urn from Droughdool, near Dunragit, Wigtownshire.
As for his pieces of sculpture, he likes to picture the ancient rooms in which they resided some 2,000 years ago, and revels in the fact that some were formerly owned by popes and princes or are celebrated Grand Tour discoveries, such as the exquisitely carved Roman marble ornamental cinerary urn from the 1st century A.
Excavations in the eighth to second century BC 'Precinct of Tanit' in Tunisia have yielded thousands of cinerary urns containing the cremated remains of infants, often surmounted by carved stone markers (stelae or cippi), some of which bear Phoenician inscriptions.
The two sculptures are linked by their strikingly bold strigilated decoration and may also have shared a similar function, since it seems likely that the vase is a cinerary urn.
Melqart is implied in the theophore name hnmlk, which belongs to the deceased and is depicted on one of the alabaster jars used as a cinerary urn in Almunecar (Lipinski 1984: 126-7).
Hannen the Vestry consent to a Faculty being applied for the purpose of constructing a Vault for Coffins, and a Columbarium over it for the reception of Cinerary Urns, for the use of the Hannen family who occupy several houses in the Village: the Building to be in accordance with the plans produced to the Vestry'.