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Western second-wave feminism, when examining the visual representation of female characters in classic Hollywood narrative cinema, uses psychoanalysis and semiology to reveal how patriarchal ideology is successfully sustained cinematographically in the "men gaze/women being looked at" dichotomy (Mulvey 33, 38).
Although Spain's troubled recent past has already been cinematographically revised from the Transition period onwards, time and generational distance has provoked a new type of cinematographic revision of the conflict.
Author Dani Cavallaro presents The Fairy Tale and Anime: Traditional Themes, Images and Symbols at Play on Screen, a scholarly study of how elements of traditional fairy tales have become narratively and cinematographically embedded in anime (Japanese animation).
In operation, a finely collimated X-ray beam hits a liquid or solid sample enclosed in an X-ray transparent capillary; the X-ray scattering characteristic of the molecular and supra-molecular structure is measured cinematographically.
Brazilian women writers, unlike their male counterparts, focused on parts of the city, rather than its entirety: (Patricia Galvao) Pagu cinematographically depicts city life of the subaltern class of the 1930s in a city undergoing rapid economic upheaval, amidst racial and social discrimination whereas her compatriot, Clarice Lispector, writes about upscale Copacabana and the more psychological battles her characters late.
The discussion here draws useful distinctions between theatrical staging of the sort found in "The Return" and Victory and the non-theatrical angles of vision and attention to close-up detail, and we come to see how reading cinematographically sheds light upon "the ethics and erotics of looking" in Chance (74).
La strada di Levi is aptly named, insofar as its main goal is to cinematographically retrace Primo Levi's steps home after his liberation from Auschwitz in January of 1945, on the outline of Levi's second book, La tregua (1963).
Cinematographically, though, the Hitchhiker really aims the camera at the audience, seeing in its normalcy a sort of monstrousness similar to his own, a sort of uneasiness about the counterculture that it releases in its investment in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
They are the authors, yet their script--which contains the reflexivity that mediation fosters--allows her to see herself as if from the outside, from the perspective of 'they'--in effect, cinematographically.
The film's challenging for formal reasons but if we have the means to put her ideas on screen it'll be cinematographically very beautiful.
A knife is a highly symbolic weapon, (8) and this "cut" is reflected cinematographically in the editing style.
When Dorsky finally edited, from 1980 to 1982, the material he had shot between 1966 and 1970 into Hours for Jerome, Sonbert wrote: "Hours for Jerome is simply the most beautifully photographed film that I've ever seen; for once the full achievements of what film can do cinematographically is .
A richly evocative return to his childhood roots, Pedro Almodovar's 16th feature "Volver" signals a new, low-bills departure for a helmet whose recent work has been as much about style as substance; pic is cinematographically and dramatically more contained and satisfyingly unflashy.