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By contrast, as Davide Ferrario cinematographically retraces Levi's journey home from Auschwitz (in turn mediated by Marco Belpoliti's editorial selections of La tregua), he simultaneously performs his nostalgia for both the figure of Levi as a witness to history, and for the reassuring certainty of the historical framework laid out in the story of his return.
Cinematographically, though, the Hitchhiker really aims the camera at the audience, seeing in its normalcy a sort of monstrousness similar to his own, a sort of uneasiness about the counterculture that it releases in its investment in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.
They are the authors, yet their script--which contains the reflexivity that mediation fosters--allows her to see herself as if from the outside, from the perspective of 'they'--in effect, cinematographically.
The film's challenging for formal reasons but if we have the means to put her ideas on screen it'll be cinematographically very beautiful.
A knife is a highly symbolic weapon, (8) and this "cut" is reflected cinematographically in the editing style.
When Dorsky finally edited, from 1980 to 1982, the material he had shot between 1966 and 1970 into Hours for Jerome, Sonbert wrote: "Hours for Jerome is simply the most beautifully photographed film that I've ever seen; for once the full achievements of what film can do cinematographically is .
The basic dramatic structure is produced from a chain of short, cinematographically conceived scenes and has certain elements in common with epic theatre, and sometimes theatre or film revue.
Even a brief look at these films indicates how the play of cultural identity as a local and global dialectic manifests itself cinematographically, and how, or if, the films show new strategies for multicultural existence.