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Synonyms for cinematize

make a film of or adopt so as to make into a film


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During the double murder of Elizabeth and Christie outline above, Bateman's desire to consume narratives and cinematize his life become so strong that they actually cause a rupture in his first-person, narration.
In such an ironic situation, while Americans and Europeans could make films about China such as The Last Emperor without evoking any disapproval, Chinese filmmakers' attempt to cinematize their own culture seems to be "illegitimate" and receives many criticisms.
html Product description: Miraizon's Cinematize is the first DVD extraction tool capable of handling complex DVD discs with multiple angles and soundtracks.
An obvious device that violates the supposed authenticity of news photography, the strip cinematizes the images and insists on the celebrity status of its subject, the theatrical nature of her trial, and the story's potential conversion for the movies.
This prologue, which essentially cinematizes us, points directly towards the following narrative, establishes certain signposts that will prove useful for evaluating it, and even suggests we see it within a lineage of popular science fiction--one that often couches commentary about the most pressing cultural concerns in a fantastic and disarming context, at both a temporal and aesthetic distance from our world.