cine projector

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projects successive frames from a reel of film to create moving pictures

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Years ago I had a cine projector and used to take my Tom and Jerry films along to entertain at parties etc.
One of the star items is a late 1950s Zeiss cine projector which was marketed in an effort to encourage women to take up film making as a hobby.
WE are trying to get an 8mm dual Standard/ Super 8 cine projector in good working order with instructions.
The raspy clackety-clack of 16 mm cine projectors is already a poignant and wistful sound, and this exhibition of recent films and drawings by Jenny Perlin included four such projectors running nonstop.
Well-known Styvechale correspondent John Overton was also an employee there, but his war service may well have prevented him from seeing the cine projectors, and development came to an end because of war production.