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a light concrete building block made with cinder aggregate

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Though as many as three share some floors, there are no common hallways, and the swinging double doors that connect the schools might as well be cinderblock walls; students and teachers simply don't go into other schools' space--a fact that has required a lot of instructional gerrymandering, including moving a chemistry lab to Manhattan International's wing of the building so that its students didn't have to enter Vanguard's area to go to class.
He is likely to be provided with a bare bunk bed, whitewashed cinderblock walls and a shared sink.
The gym, located in a cinderblock industrial building, has simple rubber mats on the floor.
The plaque had been covered by ivy until a few years ago, the cinderblock wall built to protect it crumbled into pieces.
The new design called for cutting out the original wood and cinderblock portions and replacing these areas with Kalwall, glass and corrugated metals.
It's a nighttime shot of the back of a one-story building in Las Vegas, a long cinderblock structure that appears to extend past the borders of the frame.
On entering the prep school's gray cinderblock compound, everyone gets the same rude awakening: reveille at 5:30 am, followed by a fierce succession of classes and athletic programs, right up to taps at 11:00 p.
After four years of rigorous arts study combined with a full academic schedule, this group, who call themselves The Cinderblock Acting Project, has chosen to present its unique interpretation of Vaclav Havel's 1968 comedy.
Lot 4 - Civil Engineering: construction of masonry work in the premises of SPIRAL 1 Small demolition, construction of 2 cinderblock walls full (16 m2).
Boone stood at the front of a multipurpose room with cinderblock walls and explained why a school's principal would be reassigned and why the district is looking for input on how to improve the school.
And I came back, and I was sitting right out here," McGough said, pointing to the apartment's cinderblock wall.
Waste supported in the market are indicative - Lot 1: inert waste: Type cinderblock, brick, sand, ceramic, clay, stone,- Lot 2: drywall or cardboard coated with plaster mixture (or not) of wood and steel, complex insulation, tiled with plaster, ceiling tile, faience and plaster mixture,- Lot 3: Specific diffuse waste from community collection centers, to be collected, treated and disposed of in special conditions and in accordance with the regulations, including paints, contaminated empty packaging, solvents, pesticides, acids, bases, oil filters, cleaning products, aerosols, unidentified products, X-rays, oxidizers, edible oils, fire extinguishers, mercury products, gas cylinders, oxygen cartridges.
About 15 minutes later, a section of cinderblock wall behind the fascia that initially fell followed suit and crashed down.
The world becomes criminally insane without you beating its cinderblock walls - without your refraining voice ringing out what must be - telling/tolling to become all you survived - transformed creating glories from agonies - but terrible beauties free-born, music of the mired-shit of foreign wars, so crises/politics/presidents become no lies, no liars, but resonance - a triumph no next wind can unhinge, your greatness pouring melody to and from what never changes and changes every thing .
An old school converted into a library may have long corridors and a variety of cinderblock walls that once delineated classrooms.