cinder track

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a racetrack paved with fine cinders

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Most of the playing surface was in the track's infield, but home plate stood in the middle of the cinder track. Sliding home in skirts on cinders had to have taken a toll on players' skin.
With minutes left in the fourth quarter, the gate behind our end zone opened, and our two buses--one for the team, the other for the band--pulled onto the cinder track that ran around the field.
For years, supporters have been able to scatter their loved ones' ashes on the cinder track surrounding the pitch.
Our first session was running round the cinder track with our spikes.
The original Lansdowne Road was a multi-sports venue including a cinder track for athletics, a cricket pitch, a croquet green, three football pitches and facilities for archery and lawn tennis.
In Hollister's days at Oregon alone, Bowerman's collegiate racing team had four sub-4-minute milers (and this was on a cinder track).
As he crunched into the Olympic starting blocks, high above the cinder track was a huge scoreboard with the message:
THE closest I have ever come to the lure of the cinder track was interviewing Bruce Penhall, the young American who added a dash of the exotic to the world of speedway.
When he exchanged passes with Burke to beat keeper Neal Ferrie you could have forgotten that Berwick's ground is surrounded by a soggy cinder track.
The grandstands stretched in an L on the west and north sides of a first-class oval cinder track which enclosed a football field with a good baseball diamond at the west end.
Anniversaries: 35th: The USSR agreed to withdraw its forces from Cuba; 70th: The first speedway meeting on a cinder track took place at High Beech, Essex; 120th: American Thomas Alva Eddison patented the phonograph two months after demonstrating his first model; 525th: Polish astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus; 590th: Henry IV defeated rebels at Branham Moor.
The park attracted more and more city-dwellers and was later expanded to include a baseball diamond and a cinder track for runners and bicyclists.
8, later held outdoor meets, established rules for the conduct of meets, and built the first cinder track. It continues to this day to promote track and field and other sports.
Raibert's study of a human running on a cinder track and a cat trotting and galloping on a treadmill looked at a body's path through space and the trajectories of its feet with respect to the body.