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a hairlike projection from the surface of a cell

any of the short curved hairs that grow from the edges of the eyelids

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That advantage outweighed the disadvantage of inability to follow a single cilium through a beat cycle.
(8,) (9) In the literature, in nearly all similar cases, the cilium was floating in the anterior chamber.
Recently, a bidirectional interplay between autophagy and the PC has been demonstrated: cilium-dependent signaling is necessary for autophagosome formation and, conversely, autophagy regulates both ciliogenesis and cilium length by degrading specific ciliary proteins [5, 6].
Cilium as a foreign body can occur in different parts of the eye such as the anterior chamber, iris, vitreous, lens, and retina.
Specific abnormalities of cilium molecules, in turn, increase body weight, in some instances, by affecting the function of receptors for leptin, a hormone that suppresses appetite.
Sonic hedgehog, it turns out, floats up to a cell and docks with another protein called Patchedl in a cilium's outer membrane.
Rest of Curragh, page 15 Curragh result Alleged Stakes 1 Unaccompanied ..4-1 2 Cilium ..............33-1 3 St Nicholas Abbey ..........................4-11f Owner Moyglare Stud Farm Trainer Dermot Weld Jockey Pat Smullen Breeder Moyglare Stud Farm Ltd Distances 21/2l, 4l
(3) It is quite interesting that most of the genes mutated in CDKs code for proteins that localize to the primary cilium of the tubular epithelial cells, a fairly recently rediscovered organelle.
Further examination of the upper eyelid margin, pictured at far right, showed a cilium projecting out of a meibomian gland orifice toward the ocular surface with corneal punctuate erosions.
The researchers discovered a number of steps along what was labeled the PAN (Primary cilium, Autophagy Nrf2) axis.
The researchers believe that the specific collection of proteins in each cilium, customized to the needs of each cell type, is determined by whether and how cilia keep proteins inside once they enter-not which ones they allow in initially.
Dynein arms extend from one side of a doublet in a clockwise direction, when viewed from the tip of the cilium. They contain most of the ATPase activity of the axoneme and are important in releasing energy for sliding and bending of microtubules and ciliary motion (7).
To check for variation among tethered larvae, we estimated angular velocities of prototrochal cilia and ratios of velocities of cilium and particle for four individuals.