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an uncomfortable shirt made of coarse animal hair

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To be fair, I must point out that the group does allow men to use the cilice (sort of like a piece of chain link fence which is strapped around the thigh for several hours at a time to cause pain and godliness) as often as the women do.
Why go for regular punching, scratching and kicking when you can use a 'cilice' - a spiked metal belt strapped round the thigh or administer 40 strokes with a thong of ox-hide?
Although members can take part in self-harming religious rituals, which include whipping and wearing a cilice - a spiked metal belt strapped tight around the thigh to inflict pain - Father Evans says it's just normal practice of the Catholic code.
In The Da Vinci Code, monk Silas - played by Paul Bettany in the film - whips himself until he bleeds and wears an agonising wire band called a cilice fastened to his thigh.
Rumors swirled that some members engaged in strange rituals, such as "mortification of the flesh" by wearing a cilice, a small, spiked chain worn around the thigh that pricks the skin.
Mon pere, qui etait un classique, un esprit philosophique tres net que n'obstruaient jamais les brumes de la metaphysique moderne, se demandait ou j'avais pris cette raillerie tourmentee qui jetait des cris d'angoisse a travers les sarcasmes, et cette legerete ou percaient des pointes douloureuses comme celles d'un cilice. Mon style le deroutait autant que mes idees; ce n'etaient pas le vers pur et sec et la phrase limpide et calme des ecrivains francais des deux derniers siecles; c'etait un melange, disait-on, de l'humour anglais et des boutades de Mathurin Regnier.
Though acts of self-mortification can include practices like selflessness or self-discipline in one's work, numeraries wear a cilice, a spiked chain around their upper thigh, for two hours a day and also hit themselves on the back with a knotted cord, a practice called "the discipline," which was once common in some forms of Catholic piety.
As ODAN reports on its website, Opus Dei members are expected to donate their entire salaries to the organization, their ingoing and outgoing mail is read, there is a banned list of books, that includes any books on evolution and relating to other religions, and perhaps most controversially, members are expected to "practice corporal mortification such as the use of a cilice (a spiked chain worn around the thigh), flagellation, and sleeping on the floor or on boards."
The phrases include "cilice belt," "lame saint," "rosewood box," "stone cylinder," and "sweater pocket." I haven't read the book, so I don't know if the phrases hint at important plot elements, but they don't give me any information about whether I should buy the book.
(15) The chemise de crin or cilice irritates her soft and tender white skin, inflicts anguished fretting and painful agony, and reminds her that she must make amends for the blows suffered by Tristrant.
The cilice, for example, is part of old-fashioned Catholic piety.
For most of his life he wore a "cilice," a metal chain with sharp tips that prick the skin, Opus Dei's preferred instrument of self-torment.
Many wear a cilice, a spiked band, around their leg for two hours a day and use a braided cord to beat themselves during prayer.