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Synonyms for ciliate

a protozoan with a microscopic appendage extending from the surface of the cell

of or relating to cilia projecting from the surface of a cell

of or relating to the human eyelash


having a margin or fringe of hairlike projections


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f, Rathke cleft cysts are usually lined by columnar to pseudostratified epithelium with or without ciliation. g, Squamous metaplasia in Rathke cleft cysts should not be mistaken for craniopharyngioma, although unfortunately, the distinction may be difficult from papillary craniopharyngioma in particular.
According to Atkins (1938), the general ctenidial ciliation of the lamellibranchs is well defined and appears to be conserved among the different species of freshwater mussels.
For one thing, how could such a recon ciliation scene be convincingly staged in the first place?
[2] In collectivistic cultures, forgiveness and reconciliation will be much more closely related (Augsburger, 1992, 1997), as depicted by Gassin in Eastern Orthodoxy's emphasis on recon ciliation. Collectivistic cultures are so strongly oriented toward preserving group and familial cohesion that mutual forgiveness will tend to be viewed as a pathway toward reconciliation (Augsburger, 1997).
(The SEC, however, accepts IAS 7 without recon- ciliation.) IAS 8 -- IAS benchmark: Adjust opening balance of retained earnings (U.S.
Director of Coventry Cathedral's Centre for International Recon- ciliation Canon Andrew White will join the procession at the cathedral ruins for a balloon release.
Body form and patterns of ciliation in nonfeeding larvae of echinoderms: functional solutions to swimming in the plankton?
age for cities and towns and sel in motion the next step, recon ciliation, where the budget blue print will actually become th, law later this year.
Functional and evolutionary implications of opposed bands, big mouths, and extensive oral ciliation in larval opheliids and echiurids (Annelida).
His show of recon ciliation came as police revealed a second man has been arrested over the scandal.
KEY WORDS: bivalve, scanning electron microscopy, method, hexamethyldisilazane (HMDS), ciliation, shrinkage
However, ciliation in the adenocarcinoma was not described in the previous report, whereas ciliation in the tubular structure of the adenocarcinoma was evident in the present case.
Although feeding by these larvae has not been observed directly, their small size, abundant ciliation, and the presence of an anterior invagination all suggest that these larvae are planktotrophic (Fadlallah and Pearse 1982a).
The genera are distinguished by morphological features such as the pattern of epidermal cells and ciliation, presence of sexual dimorphism, arrangement of oocytes within the female body, and presence of crystalline inclusions in some of the epidermal cells (Kozloff, 1992).
The general alterations presented were epithelial cell degeneration and reduced ciliation of gill filament.