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having a margin or fringe of hairlike projections


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This study contributed to the understanding of the diversity of ciliated protists in Brazil, since this is the first work in the Southern region of Minas Gerais.
The sole is also thicker, with pseudostratified columnar cells that are often ciliated (Avila-Poveda et al.
The spiral cleavage, musculature (Slyusarev and Starunov, 2016), and fine structure of ciliated cells and ciliary rootlets (Slyusarev and Kristensen, 2003) of Orthonectida show similarities to those of annelids; therefore, it has been suggested that they be a member of the Protostomia.
High-power examination of the epithelial component shows a mixture of ciliated columnar, mucous, and basal cells.
As mentioned earlier that during SARA microbial community is disturbed and especially, ciliated protozoa.
Other features like cytological atypia, tumour arising within cyst lining, foamy macrophages, Rushton bodies, Russel bodies, ciliated cells and necrosis and were not found in any of the selected samples.
Microscopically, ciliated epithelium with Mullerian differentiation confirms a diagnosis.
As shown in Figure 1, T2R38 is a bitter taste receptor located on ciliated cells in humans, and it responds to at least three AHLs produced by P.
Histopathology from this specimen revealed a benign cyst lined with ciliated columnar epithelium (Figure 2).
Histopathologic analysis revealed a cyst lined by ciliated Mullerian-type tubal epithelium with no evidence of malignancy.
All known BBS proteins have been found to play an important role in ciliated cells with their function most commonly localized to the basal bodies of the primary cilium.
It includes cystic cavities lined by a ciliated respiratory epithelioma, a gastric mucosa surrounded by soft muscle bundles, a regular Malpighian epithelioma, a mature nervous tissue, pancreatic tissue, and hepatic tissue (Figure 5).
Cutaneous ciliated cysts are asymptomatic rarely observed lesions that are usually benign.
Epithelium: At the beginning, the epithelium is ciliated stratified columnar in type (2, 9).