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having a margin or fringe of hairlike projections


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REAH is characterized by submucosal proliferation of small-to-medium-sized, round-to-oval glands, lined with pseudostratified ciliated epithelium, and admixed with mucin-secreting cells.
The presence of other cell types--transitional-appearing areas and ciliated cells (Figure 7, B and C)--is the important histologic feature, and in fact these glandular papillomas are usually small nodules, smaller than 1.
A ciliated cyst in the posterior mediastinum compatible with a paravertebral Mullerian cyst.
A range of researchers, including the authors, have successfully used staining techniques [sup][3],[4] to identify this multiflagellated protozoon by means of light microscopy, taking into account a series of morphological characteristics including round-to-ovoid shape (20–60 [micro]m in diameter); a double tuft of flagella inserted at the anterior end; absence of a terminal bar (very typical in bronchial ciliated cells) and a certain plasticity of the cytoplasm; as well as the presence of coarse granules and some phagocytic vacuoles.
Ciliated cells are comprised of hairlike estimate (cilia) from their surface, which enables them to move with mucus settings backward and forward.
Ciliated cells are comprised of hairlike projection (cilia) from their surface area, which permits them to move through mucous atmospheres back and forth.
Embryos become ciliated by 24 h, at which point the blastulae begin to rotate within their chorions (Fig.
Ciliated structure occurs singly close to the mouth opening supported by a collar of tegument (Figures 4 and 9).
pneumonia (M) attached by the terminal tip organelle (arrow) to ciliated mucosal cells.
COPD exacerbations are multifactorial (mucus hypersecretions, inflamed ciliated epithelial cells in the airway, excessive migration of neutrophils, a high amount of oxidative stress, and lowered vital lung capacity.
The cyst was removed endoscopically and its microscopic examination revealed amorphous eosinophilic material lined by a single layer of cuboidal and ciliated columnar cells.
The sinonasal tract, lined by ciliated respiratory mucosa (Schneiderian epithelium), gives rise to three distinct papilloma morphologies.
The aim of this study was to explore whether the ciliated protozoan Tetrahymena thermophila promotes the transfer of plasmid-mediated quinolone-resistance (PMQR) genes in bacteria.
Turbellarians, similar to Paravortex (Rhabdocoela), identified by their ciliated epidermis, ocelli, and muscular pharynx, were found in the intestinal lumen, without histopathological damage to the host tissues (Fig.