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small cigar or cigarette wrapped in tobacco instead of paper

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Although it is the largest in Western Europe and the second largest in the world, after the US, the German cigars and cigarillos market experienced a sharp drop in production in 2012, as output fell by 13.
The company has been the leading player in cigars excluding cigarillos in Georgia for a long time and it was one of the pioneers in terms of selling cigars in Georgia.
In addition, the approach used to assign usual cigar type differed from that of another national tobacco survey, which asked cigar smokers to report their usual cigar type as either LFC, cigarillo, or regular/ large cigar, thus yielding potentially different distributions of cigar smokers according to usual cigar type (10).
Previous research conducted in the US suggests that cigarillo use and polytobacco use is higher among males and younger adults, (8) is a social activity, (9) and may be associated with risk-taking behaviour.
Stranger yet, there is no smoke emanating from the cigarillo, which suggests either that the smoke was touched up and blotted out in the photo lab, or that the cigarillo was never even lit.
Proponents of the bill insist that smoking cigarillos leads children to increase their cigarette addiction.
When that pack was used up--it took about a month--I never smoked again, except for the occasional cigarillo.
based Swisher International, has introduced four New Orleans-inspired cigarillo flavors that will be sold 1 exclusively in Louisiana.
The Swedish cigar and cigarillo market has been in broad decline since the early 1990s.
On the flavored cigar and cigarillo front, CSNews 2010 Industry Report noted the wave of years' past has subsided, with retailers reporting that new flavors and variants in the cigar category have been reduced to three core flavors - wine, grape and strawberry.
One or two did refer to a 2006 Quebec survey which determined that many young people had tried at least one cigarillo in the month before the survey.
A LINGERING memory from childhood is that of a grandmother of mine, who looked so dignified with her erect posture and shock of coifed white hair, conversing with my mother and other relatives while enjoying her cigarillo.
Following successive annual falls between 1990 and 2010, the market has been expanding since 2011 and grew almost 26% in 2012, more than 40% in 2013, and by another 22% in 2014, boosted by value cigarillo sales.
Best finish of the night came in the novices' chase over two and a half miles, with Cigarillo - trained by Noel Chance and ridden by Seamus Durack - just getting the better of Second Paige.