cigarette smoker

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a smoker of cigarettes

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Unlike cigarette smokers, shisha users are not well informed on its damaging effects.
Relatedly, little is known regarding behavioral patterns of e-cigarette users compared to traditional cigarette smokers.
Cigarette smokers are arguably the most selfish people on the planet.
Another case-control study on 219 cases and 794 randomly selected population controls from France15 reported that cigarette smokers had 5 times higher risk of getting the bladder cancer as compared to the non- smokers with an odds ratio of 5.
Other industry observers say MYO is more likely to appeal to cigarette smokers trading down than existing RYO smokers, who often feel there is a cachet to rolling by hand.
If you will study the history of almost any criminal you will find that he is an inveterate cigarette smoker," he said.
MARGARET McTear lost her cigarette smoker husband to lung cancer.
It is difficult to be a moderate cigarette smoker, and the typical cigarette smoker is clearly at risk of suffering heart attacks, lung cancer, and emphysema.
The National Statistical Bureau (NSB) estimates that the average cigarette smoker in China smokes 15.
Meadows was a longtime cigarette smoker, Allen said.
But if during experiments, these low levels produce any negative systemic effects (typically a cigarette smoker will ingest up to 25 mg per day) we will either reduce the levels below the microgram level to nanogram levels we found almost as effective.
When a cigarette smoker inhales, thousands of tobacco-derived compounds, many accused of being carcinogenic or otherwise toxic, gain easy access to the human body.
The PrimeTime(TM) packaging, exclusive, mild tobacco, popular flavors, and freshness should appeal to both the small, flavored cigar smoker, and the crossover cigarette smoker, representing a unique offering to this additional market segment.
5million years of life lost because their use could substantially increase the number of adolescents and young adults who eventually become cigarette smokers.