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a strong tissue paper that burns evenly and is sufficiently porous to control the burning of the tobacco in a cigarette

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501 million) and Germany (319 tons, $526,170) were other top cigarette paper exporters to Iran during the period.
These fire safer cigarettes use ultrathin bands in the cigarette paper to restrict oxygen to the burning end of the cigarette," he said.
A MEMBER of a gang which stole top of the range cars was today behind bars after he was caught by a cigarette paper he left behind.
A member of a gang which stole top of the range cars was jailed for five years yesterday after he was caught by a cigarette paper he left behind.
ritual: a book of old-fashioned matches, cigarette paper, tobacco pouch,
But industry officials contend that wrappers on little cigars contain tobacco, which isn't found in cigarette paper.
Catania is working hard to develop its Styx cigarette paper brand.
Housed in a facility at Lichterfelde, which was used in every era of the German state, including as an American military base after World War II, its collection includes documents found in the red suitcase of a German traitor, and a note written on cigarette paper and handed to a spy.
Scar tissue is removed from around the hole where the tympanostomy tube was placed; a patch of ordinary cigarette paper is placed over the hole, providing support for the outer and inner epithelial layers to bridge the defect for a two-layer closure.
Cigarette manufacturer Philip Morris has tested a fire-safe cigarette and sold a brand (Merit) that uses a new special cigarette paper dubbed "Paper Select.
was launched two years ago to make minute holes in cigarette paper.
Philip Morris' industry leadership was evident this summer with the national launch of a new type of cigarette paper that may make a cigarette less likely to ignite certain fabrics.
Schiff, D-Pasadena, said that while most of the tobacco industry opposes the bill, Philip Morris announced development of a cigarette paper in 1998 that will extinguish itself if unattended.
The Gudang Garam Group is an integrated industry also involved in cigarette paper manufacturing, clove trading along with polyester film production.
A change in cigarette paper along with our state of the art manufacturing process will enable us to provide customers with value priced brands that continue to meet the highest taste and quality standards in the industry.