cigarette holder

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a tube that holds a cigarette while it is being smoked

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Caption: Peck with his trademark Korean ginseng cigarette holder, circa 1995
Before the introduction of health warnings on cigarettes, model Frances Richards was showing how you could smoke an entire pack using one cigarette holder in 1955, while couples could share a cigarette holder made for two.
Cesar was something of a dandy: A handsome top advertising executive with sharply chiseled mestizo features, brandishing a long black cigarette holder, pomaded hair parted and well combed, sporting a colored sports shirt and white trousers, black and white Florsheim shoes-the very model of the Manila sophisticate,' (Legaspi, The Making of a National Artist, Alfredo Roces).
He had the full cad ensemble including his distinctive voice, as well as using a monocle, waistcoat and cigarette holder. And he deployed the memorable line: "Shall we take strong waters, my dear?" to devastating effect.
Thompson, with his trademark cigarette holder and dark glasses, is one of Oddballs' best depictions, which might very well have been appreciated by Thompson himself had he not, as the book reveals, committed suicide in 2005 and requested to have his ashes shot skyward out of a cannon.
Not sure if it is a true memory or remembered photographs, but I think George was still using a cigarette holder when we met.
One could imagine FDR, in the depths of the Depression, cocking his head up, with his cigarette holder jutting skyward, saying, "sunny ways, my friends, sunny ways."
"I once had a guy who wrote asking for a photo of me smoking with a cigarette holder. I'm not sure why he wanted that.
The Bullets Over Broadway plot, set in 1929, concerns a struggling young playwright, a gangster with a knack for drama and an actress girlfriend, and one of the most delicious divas ever to bite down on a cigarette holder. (Dianne Wiest won an Oscar for her film performance.) And Allen, a clarinetist whose fondness for early jazz is evident not just in his movies but in the Dixieland gigs he's been playing in New York nightspots for decades, wanted to fill the musical with songs of the period.
It's the grand finale for the 2014 Big Read of "The Great Gatsby." Put on your best flapper dress or gangster suit, grab a long cigarette holder and dance to live music by the Calamity Jazz band.
I think they've all gone now," he said.Newspapers were full of stories about O'Toole's drinking antics, alongside pictures of him either in his blonde blue-eyed prime as Lawrence, or as the elegantly wasted older "luvvie".The tales ranged from when he and fellow actor Michael Caine bought a pub in order to get a drink after closing time -- the landlord later tore up the cheque -- to the time he went for a drink in Paris and woke up in Corsica.News channels showed footage of him riding into a television interview on the back of a camel, grasping the reins in one hand and an ebony cigarette holder in the other.
And what would Holly Golightly be without her signature cigarette holder? A few years ago, a study at the University of San Francisco showed that even as smoking has become more taboo in society and the number of smokers has decreased, screen representations of smoking have become more prevalent.
When women from aristocratic lineage took to that long cigarette holder at the end of a delicately gloved arm, it perhaps stood as a visible metaphor for a woman's transition from being dominated to becoming assertive.
For most of his 12 years in office, he was shown as vigorous and smiling, his cigarette holder held at a jaunty angle.