cigarette burn

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a burn mark left by a smoldering cigarette

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The matron and registered manager told us they were unaware of any cigarette burn holes to this person's clothing and a risk assessment had not been completed because they had not realised one was needed.
He came home once with a cigarette burn on the back of his neck.
Alas, being in pole position has its hazards as well as its rewards - hoi polloi were so keen to approach the Presence that I fell off my chair and Jemma ended up with a cigarette burn on her face.
He also had what was believed to be a cigarette burn on a shoulder and a scalding injury.
REPAIRING dents and scratches on your car could add pounds 1,000 to the value when re-selling, says Manheim Auctions, which claims a windscreen chip takes off about pounds 50, a cigarette burn to the interior pounds 100, stone chips pounds 150 and wheel damage pounds 200.
Doctors at Newcastle's Royal Victoria Infirmary found branding type marks on the girl's face, a cigarette burn and whipping scars on her body.
Mold Crown Court heard that the charge arose amid allegations that the boy had suffered a cigarette burn.
The woman was arrested in January this year after doctors allegedly found the little girl had branding marks on her face, a cigarette burn on her arm and whip-like scars on her body.
IF YOU'VE got a cigarette burn or a stubborn mark on your plastic bath then Brasso could be your salvation.
Although there was no sign of blood, Mansfield said he noticed a small hole that looked like a small cigarette burn in Regos' shirt.
Mr Knox said: "He found a number of marks that were photographed and these included a burn mark on her cheek, other marks on her torso and also what the Crown says is a cigarette burn to her knee and elbow.
Simon Medland,prosecuting, said he had flown into a rage after he found a cigarette burn on a sofa.
All upholstered furniture and furnishings made after 1950 must pass the "Cigarette Test" - where a cigarette burn will not lead to a fire.
Ramos uploaded via netizen Anthony Enriquez on March 10, Saturday, Magsayo showed the purple bruises on her arms and thighs to the camera, as well as the cigarette burns she sustained on her shoulders and wrists.