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a smoker of cigars

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One result of Churchill's worldwide fame as a cigar smoker was the thousands of cigars he received as gifts from admirers the world over, which Churchill greatly appreciated, but which caused Scotland Yard and British Intelligence (MI5) many headaches because it would have been easy for Great Britain's enemies to lace those cigars with cyanide or other toxins, or even hide heat-generated explosives in them.
It's actually the best time in history to be a cigar smoker.
Arundel said the lounges were a popular place for cigar smokers to relax, smoke and chat with friends and fellow enthusiasts.
But since I was a solid Cuban cigar smoker, I knew a lot of stores.
They respond to new categories and new vitolas as cigar smokers demand them.
An inveterate cigar smoker who liked strong coffee, he was said to be plain speaking and even rough in manner, but nonetheless composed some beautiful and sweet music.
came second in a BBC poll of great Britons behind Winston Churchill, another keen cigar smoker.
Cuban President Fidel Castro, once an avid cigar smoker, quit 20 years ago claiming concern for his health.
He was a good-natured fellow, a cigar smoker, although he was a little young for it, that kind of guy, but he was furious when I trudged back to the sacristy after sitting through the second half of Mass in the very last pew.
The tobacco recipes came from chef Sandro Fioriti, a cigar smoker who experimented for weeks with various receipes before settling on those now selling very well at the restaurant, according to the restaurant's owners.
CHICAGO -- The first national survey to look at all tobacco use--both cigarette smoking and noncigarette tobacco use-among college students indicates that nearly 1 in 10 is now a cigar smoker, while cigarette smoking is leveling off.
No longer is the cigar smoker stereotyped as the heartless capitalist depicted in a Working Assets ad; now he - and increasingly, she - is cool, a rebel with a rich inner life.
In 1997, our guests loved such new ideas as the "Groovin" to the Sixties" welcome reception and the Cigar Smoker.
Not unlike George Burns, Lewis, a die-hard cigar smoker, seems to realize that staying busy and on the forefront of the cyclical hotel industry is a way to stay young as well.
On another trip, Geier enlisted the aid of a fellow cigar smoker to avoid having his wife discover a cigar purchase: "I was talking with Whoopi Goldberg at the Concorde lounge in London.