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a smoker of cigars

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Korb is an avid cigar smoker for over 30 years, during the past 14 years he has worked on the marketing side of the premium cigar business as a Sr.
One result of Churchill's worldwide fame as a cigar smoker was the thousands of cigars he received as gifts from admirers the world over, which Churchill greatly appreciated, but which caused Scotland Yard and British Intelligence (MI5) many headaches because it would have been easy for Great Britain's enemies to lace those cigars with cyanide or other toxins, or even hide heat-generated explosives in them.
"There's a perception that cigar smokers are fat cats, and that couldn't be further from the truth," Gadway explains.
Not only do cigars represent a sliver of the tobacco industry, but cigar smokers' habits are very different from users of other forms of tobacco, such as cigarettes, he said.
But since I was a solid Cuban cigar smoker, I knew a lot of stores.
"To be a smoker in this country and to be a cigar smoker, wow, you feel like a leper, people stare at you with looks of horror if you dare light up."
"He knew I was a pipe and cigar smoker and I act, so he wanted me to play in an Indian version of Sherlock Holmes," he said.
Not a single patient was primarily a pipe or cigar smoker or used smokeless tobacco.
"I was a pretty prolific cigar smoker during those days.
Cigar smoker Les Jones, 59, told me: "I don't mind smoking outside, but if the weather is really bad I won't bother having a cigar - in fact, the ban might end up making me give up all together."
Malcolm allison, flamboyant soccer coach, cigar smoker, champagne guzzler, and lover of lovely ladies, was the most committed of Lennie Heppell groupies.
"An inveterate cigar smoker who liked strong coffee, he was said to be plain speaking and even rough in manner, but nonetheless composed some beautiful and sweet music."
(Cuban President Fidel Castro, once an avid cigar smoker, quit 20 years ago claiming concern for his health.) Yet, tobacco is the island's No.
If you're just getting started, drop in at the "cigar smoker," take a dip at the late-night pool party, or dance until you drop at the final after-party.
He was a good-natured fellow, a cigar smoker, although he was a little young for it, that kind of guy, but he was furious when I trudged back to the sacristy after sitting through the second half of Mass in the very last pew.