cigar lighter

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a lighter for cigars or cigarettes

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The cigar lighter was fitted for the first time to the Lanchester Limousine in 1914, alloy wheels go back as far as 1926 when they first appeared on the Bugatti Type 55 Super Sport Roadster and electrically-operated windows go back as far as 1948 in the UK when the Daimler DE36 Green Goddess became the first UK car to feature them.
I loved the smell of the leather and the fact it had a cigar lighter.
The cigar lighter, should you require one, is still available as a no-cost option.
The gizmos are plugged into a cigar lighter and fit on to a car dashboard.
You simply plug the YQ2 into the cigar lighter to power it and that charges N-Cad batteries which last up to eight hours on standby and two hours on screen, if you use the unit as a mobile.
The test proved that the camera is capable of catching light from a cigar lighter more than 5 kilometers away, the officials said.
This includes traction control (which really does work), 12-way electrically-adjustable front seats, full chrome window surrounds and a rear cigar lighter.
LeDray, a Seattle-born artist, presented doll-size shirts and dresses and, in a nostalgic nod to the city's 1962 World's Fair, fabricated souvenirs like a cigar lighter in the shape of the Space Needle.
Equipped with a special cigar lighter, Car Mate lets you charge your electronic devices easily when driving.
I have often wondered why it is OK to open a packet and get out a cigarette then light it while driving - especially as I have seen people taking both hands off the wheel to light a match or bobbing down to get the cigar lighter, certainly their attention is not on the road.
It is entirely cordless and can be charged from any mains plug socket or your car cigar lighter and it is water, oil, and shock resistant.
Invented by Origin Technologies, it is slightly bigger than a pack of cards and plugs in to a car cigar lighter.
As well as being sturdy, the Super Snipe MkIII was a car packed with stacks of extras - such as a cigar lighter, radio and sunroof - largely absent from other cars of the day.
The cab has a small glove box, big door bins, five cup-holders and two power points - one's a working cigar lighter.
Other standard accessories include a car kit, mini-desktop and cigar lighter chargers and antenna kits.