cigar cutter

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an implement for cutting the tip off of a cigar

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It looked like a cigar cutter but they knew I had given up cigars 20 years ago.
They bring out this fancydan new knife which has 85 tools, including, among other fripperies, a nail file, a magnifying glass, a torch, a cigar cutter, a tyre gauge and a tool for adjusting bicycle spokes.
One of the crew, who had worked with Robert De Niro on The Godfather, told Paul that he had `that something special' and gave him his favourite cigar cutter.
Rounding out the assortment are unusual gifts, including a lion's head fountain, a Solingen cigar cutter and the "Cigar Companion" book, a library of home and garden books, a Zelco flexible flashlight and even a garden hat.
Before being lit, cigars must be cut, always with a cigar cutter. There a several cutting options, and each affects the draw; the most popular is the guillotine-like straight cut.
Sexy hellraiser Bijou was once accused of stabbing a friend and slicing the tip of a stranger's finger off with a cigar cutter.
There's also a silver cigar cutter, a purpose-made cigar lighter and a special set of pens.
There is also a silver cigar cutter and lighter, a set of carbon fibre pens and a Dunhill Millennium watch set in the facia panel.
Screw-top gold and silver handles variously revealed sticks containing a flask of cologne or a vinaigrette to ward off the evil smells of drains and open sewers, while others were intended to carry snuff, tobacco, pipe, cheroot or cigarette holder, cigar cutters, vesta case, spirit flask and glass, corkscrew or pill box.
In addition to cigars and cigarillos, the company also sells cigar cutters, ashtrays, humidors, lighters, cigarette filter tubes and cigarette papers.
How can t neo-aristocrat pain of famil savaged by when they own silv How can these two neo-aristocrats feel the pain of families being savaged by their cuts when they probably own silver cigar cutters costing more than the average terraced house in Burnley?
Pipes, cigars and cigarettes all generated a range of accessories that are collected today, such as pipe cases and tampers, cigar cutters, and cigarette cases.