cigar butt

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small part of a cigar that is left after smoking

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Stuart Taylor, of Willow Road, Barrow-upon-Soar, was seen to discard the cigar butt by a street warden.
Buffett describes his approach in those days as"cigar butt" investing; buying shares of troubled companies with underpriced stocks was"like picking up a discarded cigar butt that had one puff remaining in it," he writes."Though the stub might be ugly and soggy, the puff would be free." He continues:"Most of my gains in those early years ...
On one of our visits we found that the Americans, who used to mount sentry duties during their stay in the barracks, had left behind some cigar butts and, as inquisitive lads do, we had a few puffs - the first time I ever went green.
I don't know why anyone would think of picking up a cigar butt, but I am pleased he did."
Alan said: "The President left a huge cigar butt on the edge of the bath.
Buffett compared his acquisition of obscure textile manufacturer Berkshire half a century ago to picking up a "discarded cigar butt that had one puff remaining in it."
A SINGLE cigar butt thrown from a car window sparked the Mont Blanc tunnel inferno that killed 39 people, an official report has found.
Midfielder Joey Barton only narrowly avoided the sack and was heavily fined after burning team-mate Jamie Tandy's eyelid with a cigar butt in a city centre nightclub.
JOEY BARTON was fined pounds 90,000 by Manchester City in December 2004 for stubbing a cigar butt into colleague Jamie Tandy's eye at a Christmas party.
Swears by "cigar butt" principle- invest in companies which are undervalued, but have a few puffs left in them.
A CIGAR butt tossed from a car sparked the Mont Blanc tunnel inferno that killed 39 people, it was revealed yesterday.
"All he could see was a smashed window, blood-stained floor, cigar butts, takeaway cartons, a bath full of empty cans and bottles of booze and a discarded fire extinguisher!" Other incredible tales included the time that he played against West Brom whose entire back four set out to get him after he'd inadvertently broken Ally Robertson's nose the previous season while playing for Spurs.
The transcripts reveal Brady then banged his fist so hard on the table, the ashtray bounced into the air and scattered cigar butts over the floor.
Chapter 22 of the West Virginia Code states that solid waste or litter includes, but is not limited to, newspapers, cans, bottles, garbage, trash, discarded household furniture, appliances, tires, animal carcasses, cigarette and cigar butts, shingles, construction and demolition waste, as well as many other waste materials.