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a box for holding cigars

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"It all started when my girlfriend bought me a ukulele, I went online to learn how to play and came across these brilliant YouTube videos about cigar box guitars and I was hooked.
a box that specia"Not only does a cigar box guitar have a great history but they are easy to play and so much funMichael Marshall
Many may know Rice from his participation in the annual cigar box guitar AaAeAeA festival.
In Der Anatomische Mensch (Et Puis Pourquoi Sommes-Nous Faites en Viande?) (The Anatomical Man [And Then Why Are We Made Out of Flesh?]), 1990/2017, the inside of the lid of an enlarged, open cigar box is covered with more than a hundred small monochrome pictures appearing to show various flesh tones.
Kumail keeps the relationship secret from his family, then Emily discovers a cigar box filled with photographs of women hand-picked by his mother.
Inspired by the proportions of a classic, all-black cigar box with little styling or flair, the 700C was one of the first in a long series of IBM's ThinkPad notebook range.
Beautifully elegant with cassis, blackberry and blackcurrant fruit, a touch of cigar box, vanilla and spice.
"I built the first guitar with a cigar box and some hard wood in 2013, the same year that I came to Dubai.
State House workers looking for water leaks found the tarnished brass box, about the size of a cigar box, encased in the building's cornerstone.
One of the images shows a small cigar box containing a spoon, possibly with heroin residue on it, syringes, a lighter and a cigarette butt.
Among the photos released, one of them is a close up of a cigar box that was found near his body and consisted of heroin paraphernalia.
The show filmed its pilot in January at the Cincinnati Hunting & Fishing Show, where the Appraiser's Choice was a cigar box purchased at an auction for $10 that turned out to contain four fishing lures valued at $6,500 to $7,000.
Cigar Box Guitars: The Ultimate DIY Guide for Makers and Players of the Handmade Music Revolution could have been featured in our Crafts Shelf section, but is reviewed here so that avid DIY musicians don't miss the opportunity to make their own instrument.
The two books and the CD-ROM are packaged in a cardboard box designed to look like collage elements affixed to a wooden cigar box; the box features a nifty magnetic closure.