cigar band

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a narrow paper band around a cigar

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The image is as perfect as the playwright would have wished it to be, and it fits perfectly into a fascinating text as Sherwood launches into description of cigar bands - nothing special to you or I, but damning if you were part of the Edwardian social elite and had happened to have purchased you cigars from the wrong shop
The seized counterfeit cigars featured cigar bands displaying the word COHIBA[R] and "Republica Dominicana" and were packaged in various styles of wooden boxes which also displayed the COHIBA[R] mark.
The cigar brand gives a new edge to events with cigar rollers, cigar servers, custom cigar bands and free event planning consultants.
Dan Carr, president of General Cigar said, "The seizure of counterfeit COHIBA cigars yesterday represents a clear victory in General Cigar's fight to protect our cigar bands from counterfeiters and trademark infringers.
The cigars are presented with custom cigar bands designed specifically for the affair.
Custom cigar bands are also designed free of charge.
Custom cigar bands are also designed free of charge by the company's graphics designers and attached to each cigar by Master Cigar Rollers.
CF Dominicana is the only cigar brand to offer the service which fuels store sales even going as far as creating personalized custom cigar bands.
The company creates custom cigar bands which have been a huge hit to the industry, creating personalization that has never before existed with cigars.
To support the launch, the company is offering free custom cigar bands complete with the customer's initials on every cigar they buy - at no charge
CF Cigars" has been creating custom-designed cigar bands to express anything the customer wants.
CF Dominicana also boasts in-house graphic designers that will create beautiful cigar bands that are rolled on each cigar at the event.
CF Dominicana also provides in-house event planning and graphics design for each event, even going as far as creating Custom Designed Cigar Bands.