cichlid fish

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freshwater fishes of tropical America and Africa and Asia similar to American sunfishes

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Adaptive divergence between lake and stream populations of an East African cichlid fish. Molecular Ecology, 23(21), 5304-5322.
The utility of geometric morphometrics to elucidate pathways of cichlid fish evolution.
In contrast, a territorial, intact cichlid fish can be demoted simply by placing him into a tank with a larger territorial male; and a nonterritorial cichlid fish can be promoted by putting him into a tank with females and smaller male fish.
Cichlasoma socolofi, a new species of cichlid fish of the Thorichthys group from northern Chiapas, Mexico.
Dr Martin Genner from Bristol's School of Biological Sciences and colleagues used population genetics and experimental evidence to demonstrate a role for competition that leads to the differentiation of new species within the highly diverse cichlid fishes of Lake Tanganyika in East Africa.
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Tolerance of nonindigenous cichlid fishes (Cichlasoma urophthalmus, Hemichromis letourneuxi) to low temperature: laboratory and field experiments in south Florida.
The work may shed light on other cases in which species form and stay separate while sharing space, such as in African cichlid fish.
The subjects were aggressive male cichlid fish, which often pick fights with others of their species.
The park was established to protect the cichlid fish unique to the area.
Recent studies, such as those on cichlid fish, (2) have shed new light on the numerous patterns and mechanisms for rapid speciation and adaptive radiation.
This park, now a World Heritage Site, was established to protect the cichlid fish of the area.