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freshwater fishes of tropical America and Africa and Asia similar to American sunfishes

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In contrast to the rockfishes, the sharp burst of speciation in the cichlid fishes of Lake Victoria occurred in the very recent past.
To confirm that fish respond in consistent ways to certain sounds and not to other cues will require more playback experiments in which underwater speakers produce the sounds and scientists track fishes' reactions, just as Rowland did with the jewel cichlid in laboratory tanks.
Effect of dietary protein levels on growth performance and nitrogen excretion of yellow tail cichlid Pseudotropheus acei.
Overall productivity, average daily oxygen consumption, length-weight relationship and condition factor of both native cichlid and tilapia were determined under the most common greenhouse culture conditions of the semi-arid region of Queretaro, to evaluate the viability that H.
The cichlids swim about in their tank; now and then, one of them leaves the group then re-joins it a few minutes later.
These fossils are from a Late Miocene marine deposit and a Middle Pleistocene nonmarine deposit, and do shed some light on ideas about cichlid paleobio-geography in the New World.
What happens if such a territorial cichlid fish is castrated?
On the other side, since cichlid farming practices in Ecuador is a relatively recent activity, there are no specific and formal growth studies for local species.
The native cichlid Cichlasoma beani is the only native cichlid in the northern Mexican Pacific slope.
In the present study, some histochemical features of goblet cells of the intestine of convict cichlid (A.
In a small volcanic lake in Tanzania, what was once a single species of cichlid fish is slowly becoming two, a process known as sympatric speciation.
The saddle cichlid Aequidens tetramerus (Heckel 1840) (Cichlidae) is endemic to South America and is commonly used as ornamental fish, sport fishing and also as food for the Amazon riverine populations (Tavares-Dias et al.
Regardless of sexual selection models, opsin genes (consequently, the vision) must play an important role in cichlid mating, especially when its colors are taken into account (Carleton, 2009).