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a guide who conducts and informs sightseers

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There are only five cicerones statewide, and only Wright and Dell work in a retail store.
That notable distinction (there are only 14 Cicerones in the entire state of Nevada) gives her a comprehensive knowledge base to share with casino executives, staff members, and guests.
a specialty beer division devoted to craft and specialty imported beer, which includes two Certified Cicerones and six Certified Beer Servers in the Cicerone program on staff.
We've heard eager student cicerones assure us that campus wiccans have access to the school chapel--boy, was that ever a load off my mind
Esto actualiza la funcion del PRI, al publico le lleva una sensacion de movilidad y un estimulo efectivo para conducirlo con el mayor entusiasmo e interes a las cicerones generales del ano entrante.
Tales From The Cask" features Mims Distributing's CEO Chip Mims and his colleagues Tony Walldroff and Jennifer Balik, two Certified Cicerones [R].
Malaga sigue apoyando a su artista mas internacional, que ha ejercido como el mejor de los cicerones con Nicole, como antes lo hiciera con Melanie y con su propia hija, Stella del Carmen.
Merritt is one of about 650 certified Cicerones in the U.
Cicerones have an extensive and well-rounded knowledge of beer, beer service, beer quality assessment and identity of beers by taste.
So whether they are called beer sommeliers, beer directors or Cicerones, chains and independents are investing in a wide range of training for their staff and say it is helping to increase the bottom line.
The San Antonio Cerveceros, Alamo Yeast Labs, guest breweries and certified cicerones will teach classes on the brewing process and flavor profiles.
Master or certified cicerones successfully complete a training program with subjects that include the history, characteristics and flavor artributes of individual beer styles and food pairing, in addition to proper storage and service.
Overall more than 18,000 have passed the first level Cicerone exam known as Certified Beer Server, but only six individuals have now earned the Master Cicerone title--the third and top level of the program.
The Cicerone Certification Program(tm) hopes to close the knowledge gap between savvy beer drinkers and beer sellers by testing knowledge and tasting ability to certify a new class of beer professional, the Cicerone.