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a guide who conducts and informs sightseers

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We provided leadership in the past on emerging, controversial new areas of genetic research, such as human embryonic stem cell research (and) human cloning," NAS President Ralph Cicerone and IOM President Victor Dzau said in a joint statement.
With funding from the Office of Naval Research, the researchers built a two-photon microscopy system and, in collaboration with Marcus Cicerone at the National Institute of Standards and Technology, employed his innovative technique known as Broadband Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering to delineate the two different phases of the barnacle cyprid adhesive plaque.
Events will include a Cicerone Workshop, providing in-depth preparation for a Certified Cicerone Exam offered during the event.
And even Ralph Cicerone, president of America's National Academy of Sciences, has publically eschewed climate catastrophism.
The book's guidance, Haskins says, is based largely on investigation conducted by Keith Cicerone, director of neuropsychology at the JFK Health System in the New York metropolitan area.
Il titolo gia indica due termini, ricreazione e stile, che sono stati da sempre al centro della riflessione sulla traduzione, da Cicerone a Croce, e che sono qui assunti come elementi imprescindibili dell'atto traduttivo.
Mirella Amato, Canada's first female cicerone (the beer equivalent of a sommelier), was on hand for the grand opening which was advertised as an evening of "Ontario Ales and Cheese.
Every staffer is required to take a beer-merchant training series to develop a basic understanding of beer's history, styles and brewing process, then has six months to pass the Cicerone server-level course.
com Mountain Biking in the Lake District Cicerone, pounds 12.
Rome for pounds 169pp: Centrally located, just 10 minutes' walk from the Vatican - stay two nights from March 29 at the four-star Hotel Cicerone with return flights from Stansted.
cio permetterebbe di dare un senso soddisfacente all'aggettivo indomitus petroniano: Cicerone lotta infatti contro il potere degli avversari della Repubblica.
These reports show that the state of climate change science is strong," said Ralph Cicerone, president of the National Academy of Sciences.
American opinion polls point to a general deterioration in people's faith in science, Dr Ralph Cicerone, president of the National Academy of Sciences, told The Independent.
Cicerone, publishers of over 250 award-winning guidebooks, have recently published The Ridges of England, Wales and Ireland by Dan Bailey.
We cannot help but be in awe of this gentle cicerone who survives warAAEs ghastly labyrinth to emerge a better man.