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a guide who conducts and informs sightseers

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The cicerone, during this process, usually retreated to a respectful distance; otherwise I am not sure that Newman would not have bidden him sit down and have a glass also, and tell him as an honest fellow whether his church or his gallery was really worth a man's trouble.
She proved a charming fellow tourist; she had constantly something to say, but never said it too much; it was impossible to drag in the wake of a cicerone less of a lengthening or an irritating chain.
The young girl and her cicerone were on their way to the gate of the enclosure, so that Winterbourne, who had but lately entered, presently took leave of them.
"A lot of us have an automatic horror at the thought," commented atmospheric authority Ralph Cicerone of the University of California at Irvine.
He has other friends who reflect this wholesale commercialization, particularly of the former East Berlin, one of whom operates a "comically, exclusive" video store and a stand at the flea market at Tempelhof Airport that offers "a civilization for sale." These thriving enterprises are LaVine's places of employment after he loses his teaching job, and they enable him to serve us as an illuminating cicerone through this combination of "boomtown and ghost town," this "Jewish cemetery" that is Berlin.
Later she talks about the famous scene when Charlotte at Fawns is a cicerone out of hell:
Indeed, incipient mulcters of the public purse could do worse than to take her version (I believe at least one other "big" book on Wedtech is in the wings) as textbook and Cicerone.
"Cashiers and cart boys can become a manager; they can become a buyer," she says, adding that "We have a beer guy interested in being a cicerone, so we are paying for that education for him."
Training has been shown to boost employee retention and morale, said Pat Fahey, content director for the Cicerone Certification Program. and check out the Cicerone book Mountain Biking in West and North West Scotland by Sean Benz.
Anthony Cicerone, special agent for Homeland Security Investigations, said that while assigned to the Boston Document and Benefit Fraud Task Force he investigated issues at the state RMV.
Il volume si conclude con l'osservazione relativa al popol giusto e sano e la citazione tratta da Cicerone (De Republica, I, 25), riproposta da Agostino nel De civitate