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a linear unit of the size of type slightly larger than an em

a Roman statesman and orator remembered for his mastery of Latin prose (106-43 BC)

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For this reason, I contend that Caerellia's early access to De finihus would have provoked an anxiety in Cicero about what her possession of this text might imply about their relationship.
Prior to KBW, Cicero served as global head of the Financial Institutions Group with Jefferies (NYSE: JEF) for five years.
Reportedly, Cicero has carried out a second opinion on Aligera Holding's existing corporate bond of SEK500m maturing on 7 May 2019.
(8) This combination is, for Cicero, the enemy within the res publica, which indeed, in the absence of any other substantive external opponent, is the only real enemy that threatens the ancestral Roman polity and, in this sense, the identity and existence of Rome.
Cicero, vice-chairman of research at the Washington University School of Medicine, looked at survey responses of an estimated 2,500 patients in various publicly and privately funded centers, totaling 150, across the nation with some individuals participating in interviews.
The latest Battleground States Opinion Poll conducted by polling agency Cicero for the India Today Group shows that the Modi ' hawa' is now at gale force in the heartland states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar.
In the contemporary rush to quantify knowledge, let us not forget Cicero's ideal of ennoblement of the human spirit.
Com uma trajetoria pessoal marcada pela superacao, Cicero estava determinado a prosseguir lutando pelos interesses dos trabalhadores, do povo em geral, especialmente, dos assentados e acampados organizados pelo MST, do qual era um de seus mais destacados integrantes.
Cicero boss Iain Anderson said: "On behalf of the entire Cicero Group team, I am delighted to announce that we have today been named the UK's largest Public Affairs agency in the yearly PR Week comms rankings."
Aimed at intermediate students reading the text for the first time, who have mastered Latin at the beginner's level and are ready to start reading Latin verse, this book consists of excerpts from Cicero's Phillipic II, namely sections 44-50, 78-92, and 100-119 in Latin, covering the year of Caesar's murder.
Aleksandra Drogosz has lived on Cicero Street for six years.
Livermore, CO, October 02, 2018 --( Shirley and Joe Cicero - Dream Vacations, the cruise vacation planning expert, is taking part in the #ChooseCruise campaign highlighting the many reasons why a cruise is the best choice for travelers.
A Cicero police officer has been shot while conducting an investigation on the city's southwest side.