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form a scar, after an injury


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Production Apple Rot Fruit Oriental Apple Coleoptera Systems scab % fly fruit leafroller % % % % moth % % GALA CP 2,8ab 1,1ns 6,7a 7,8b 8,6ns 2,5ab IP 0,5b 0,7 7,0a 0,2c 4,5 1,2b OT 3,4a 0,2 2,1b 15,7a 6,1 0,7b OP 0,0b 1,3 3,1b 0,7c 7,1 3,5a FUJI CP 0,1ns 3,2ab 2,6ab 16,7b 2,6ns 0,2ns IP 0,0 2,1b 1,0b 0,1c 1,6 0,4 OT 0,1 5,2a 1,0b 43,0a 2,2 0,3 OP 0,5 1,1b 5,1a 0,9c 3,4 1,5 CATARINA IP 0,0ns 0,5b 2,2ns 0,0b 3,0ns 0,0ns OT 0,0 1,9a 1,4 14,6a 2,0 0,4 OP 0,1 0,5b 1,7 1,6b 2,2 1,0 Same letters within columns denote no significant differences based on Tukey's test at 5% probability, ns--not signiicant, TABLE 3--Fruit damage caused by russeting, stem-end splitting, phytotoxicity, open lesion, cicatrized lesion and sun burning on apples of the cvs.
Nearly 80% of the cases treated with the implant of adult stem cells coincide with people suffering from acute ischemia in the lower limbs and also in cases of so-called diabetic foot, said Porfirio Hernandez Ramirez, Deputy Director of Research at the Institute of Immunology and Haematology in Havana, adding that with the use of this treatment, in most of the cases surgery was not necessary, ulcers cicatrized and the
And though I don't yet understand it, often, if I happen to glance into a sky like a blue, unrippled lagoon, or feel a spring breeze, dulcet in trees, moving about me with limitless placidity, I sense, in a temperament in which enjoyment was once confident, a cicatrized wound.
The head of a nurse, an Arab woman in Niqab, and a cicatrized, monocled Daddy Warbucks-like man stare at the viewer blankly, not even asking, in the manner of De Niro's Travis Bickle, You lookin' at me?
And the exotic physiognomies, strangely cut clothes, and oddly focused, disciplined bodies were almost as disturbing--"Near Eastern," whatever Near Eastern meant (it somehow sounded weirder than "Middle Eastern" or "Far Eastern"), bedouin Arabs, Turks and Persians, or Pygmies, Zulus, people cicatrized, "platter-lipped," or nose-split.
This was Henry Dyson Naylor from the 13th Dragoons, of whom the local journal relates that during the inspection of his escort, `HRH saw the deep scar on the face of one man, a cicatrized memento of Balaclava.
Common causes being, congenital hypertrophic pyloric stenosis in infants and chronic cicatrized duodenal ulcers and antral carcinoma in adults, there are number of other rare causes.
RESULTS: Of the total 41 patients, 17 patients had malignant growth in the antrum, 17 had cicatrized duodenal ulcer, 4 had pancreatic mass with extrinsic compression and 3 had corrosive antral strictures as the cause for gastric outlet obstruction.