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form a scar, after an injury


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And though I don't yet understand it, often, if I happen to glance into a sky like a blue, unrippled lagoon, or feel a spring breeze, dulcet in trees, moving about me with limitless placidity, I sense, in a temperament in which enjoyment was once confident, a cicatrized wound.
The head of a nurse, an Arab woman in Niqab, and a cicatrized, monocled Daddy Warbucks-like man stare at the viewer blankly, not even asking, in the manner of De Niro's Travis Bickle, You lookin' at me?
Physical examination revealed an 8 x 5-cm tender, boggy, suppurative, cicatrized plaque on the right anterior lower leg.
This was Henry Dyson Naylor from the 13th Dragoons, of whom the local journal relates that during the inspection of his escort, `HRH saw the deep scar on the face of one man, a cicatrized memento of Balaclava.