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a mark left (usually on the skin) by the healing of injured tissue

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2] laser microlaryngoscopy for recurrent laryngeal papillomatosis Direct complications Endotracheal tube ignition Ignition of cottonoid Tracheal perforation Pneumothorax Subcutaneous emphysema Mucosal burn Corneal burn Cuff rupture Secondary complications Endotracheal tube ignition from insufflated lasered tissue Endotracheal tube obstruction by lasered tissue Airway obstruction from displaced aluminum foil Mucosal charring Hemorrhage Edema Perichondritis Delayed complications Acquired vocal fold webs Laryngeal or tracheal cicatrix Glottic incompetence caused by excessive tissue removal Laryngeal carbon granuloma Papilloma implantation elsewhere in the upper aerodigestive tract
Pressure on the cicatrix gave no pain, but the median nerve below that point was tender, and pressure upon it caused pain in the hand.
Instead, the clinical features may falsely suggest a cicatrix, dermatofibroma, nevus, basal cell carcinoma, or cyst.
Once in the cell, the RNA activates mechanisms which block the synthesis of the two proteins secreted by astrocytes and responsible for cicatrix formation.
This backdrop is not gratuitous; it typifies Nooteboom's regrettable tendency to connect the couple's plight with political events--as when he calls the former no-man's-land between East and West Berlin a" "implicitly linking it to the cicatrix on Elik's face.
Cicero], IV, xlix 63: Effictio est cum exprimatur atque effingitur verbis corporis cuispiam forma quoad satis sit ad intellegendum, hoc modo: 'Hunc, iudices, dico, rubrum, brevem, incurvum, canum, subscrispum, caesium, cui sane magna esta in mento cicatrix.