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form a scar, after an injury


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Main causes of early mortality are infections and late mortality is mainly caused with progressive cicatrisation after repeated flares of vasculitis and toxic effects of drugs [15].
Influence of saw and secateur pruning on stem discolouration, wound cicatrisation and diameter growth of Betula pendula.
She cites evidence of these designs as being found primarily on 'nineteenth-century wooden weapons' which are now held in private and museum collections, mentioned in written accounts, and seen in photographs of 'ceremonial ground drawings, corroboree sculptures, and patterns of cicatrisation and body painting' (Cooper 1994:91).
As work on cicatrisation, scarification and tattooing shows, permanent marks to the body are intrinsically linked to the social environment in which an individual receives them.
The aim of this review is to report the way of the bone cicatrisation with different biomaterials and the form in which it is developed this cicatrisation on the rehabilitation with implants with different load protocols.
La solution esperee se transforme en complication; non seulement aux traumatismes vecus au pays s'ajoute souvent (mais pas toujours) celui de l'exil mais la migration rend plus complexe la restauration de l'equilibre psychique, la reparation des desordres et la cicatrisation des blessures.
Known as cicatrisation, it's a long and painful process, and the scars are often regarded as testimony that women will be able to withstand the pain of childbirth
Here it is sufficient to note that nowhere in Windschuttle's portrayal of a caveman-style culture does he note the dynamic culture of songs and dances--still being added to even in the years of conflict with settlers--the use of artworks to adorn what contemporaneous observers called their 'wigwams', the complex and detailed culture of patterned scarification and cicatrisation, or the use of red ochre as part of ceremonial hair and body adornment.
lt;< L'histoire progresse plus vite que ne s'opere la cicatrisation des plaies.
The sanguineous clot constitutes the support for the migration of cells associated with the cicatrisation process, being this clot considered a temporary structure that is gradually substituted by granulation tissue (Shafer et al.
Chez le groupe suedois ARJOHuntleigh, des matelas anti-escarres, des lits medicalises, chariots-brancards, tables d'examen, baignoires a hauteur variable, chariots douche et chaise multifonctions ainsi que le traitement de cicatrisation des plaies, la prevention des thromboses veineuses profondes et plusieurs solutions specifiques pour obeses ont ete presentes aux professionnels.
Apres la cicatrisation totale de la plaie, le chirurgien vous enverra voir un chirurgien esthetique qui vous implantera un sein artificiel.
La cicatrisation a ete effective avec ablation totale des fils au 11[sup.
In the present case, due to cicatrisation of fibrous tissue at the healed tendon, there was shrinkage of the posterior aspect of the hock at the achilles tendon (Fig.