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Synonyms for tissue

Synonyms for tissue

an interwoven or interrelated number of things


Synonyms for tissue

part of an organism consisting of an aggregate of cells having a similar structure and function

create a piece of cloth by interlacing strands of fabric, such as wool or cotton

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Based on their initial findings, the researchers set out to devise a way to develop a therapeutic instrument to block formation of cicatricial tissue.
The inclusions of peripheral nerve fibres in the cicatricial tissue may very well be the cause of fibromyalgia development, and above all of its persistence.
The site eventually re-epithelializes and cicatricial tissue forms.
the development of disease sequelae, such as tympanosclerosis or the appearance of cicatricial tissue
It gives opportunity to isolate the ducts out of cicatricial tissues and to apply anastomosis 2-3 sm wide, mainly on the account of the left hepatic duct, escaping burdensome, long (1.