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a mark left (usually on the skin) by the healing of injured tissue

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The only thing I can notice--there are some pricks, or scars, and if I ask them where these scars and cicatrices come from, they would answer that they had some accidents in their childhood .
Affirmer le caractere patrimonial de la maison Gauvreau reviendrait ainsi a en faire une sorte de memorial et a reveler, en negatif, les cicatrices de la Basse-Ville Est.
Cette situation met l'accent sur les relations qu'entretiennent les autorites etatiques avec ces lieux et les cicatrices de l'histoire nationale.
Ces etapes menent une fois de plus a la reconfiguration de pans importants de la ville, mais le tout-a-l'auto et le dedain pour les references au passe laisseront des cicatrices profondes qui mobiliseront d'ailleurs le milieu associatif.
Pero hay mas, muchisimo mas, que se puede, que se ha de hacer para prevenir y, en su caso, cauterizar las profundas cicatrices de conductas que nos muestran la misera, no la natural y saludable, desnudez humana.
Les troubles psychologiques et nevroses sont en effet presentes comme << les cicatrices d'un texte altere, auquel l'auteur est confronte comme a un texte incomprehensible pour lui >>.
Head and pronotum variegated with amber, yellow, brown, and dark brown; head with 2 dark brown bands that run almost parallel to eyes and anterior lobe of pronotum with 2 cicatrices dark brown to black; punctures of head and pronotum widely distributed, those of head smaller; antenna with first and last segments dark brown to black, second and third segments yellow with base and apex dark brown; rostrum yellowish with last 2 segments dark brown and slightly surpassing metacoxae.
Centro su atencion en la obra maestra conseguida en las manos, donde las cicatrices, las estrias de la piel, las venas y las arrugas armaban un prodigioso entramado.
Les specimens appartenant au genre lycopside Bothrodendron peuvent etre identifies par leurs pousses distinctives, qui presentent de petites cicatrices foliaires superficielles.
L]as palabras poseen un pasado que las configura a modo de cicatrices .
Etheridge and Whitelegge (1907) hypothesised that they were scalpels used in scarification to produce cicatrices such as those seen historically on Aboriginal people.
Nevertheless, as Kleinert states the graphic elements on 'rock art, carved wooden weapons, possum skin cloaks, carved trees (dendroglyhs), cicatrices, and body designs of the region, [south east Australia] make it likely that these graphic elements encoded restricted knowledge as they do elsewhere in Aboriginal communities today' (2000:241).
Este proceso puede ser largo y dificil, dejando sinsabores y cicatrices emocionales.
Yet, as this exhibition shows, in some way he has always remained there, right at the center--as revealed by even the titles of works from the '80s, such as Podria acostumbrarme al peso de tus diamantes (I Could Get Used to the Weight of Your Diamonds), 1987, and Habia dejado profundas cicatrices en mi corazon y en mi talonario (Someone Left Deep Scars in My Heart and My Checkbook), 1988.
Those body surfaces too have cracks and crevices, some natural, others the ritual cicatrices that place a woman in her society.