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ornamented canopy supported by columns or suspended from a roof or projected from a wall (as over an altar)

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Females of the genus Sergentomyia usually have armatures and a pigment patch in the ciborium.
The pillars supporting the upper sections of the ciborium (baldachino) over the marble altar were initially out of alignment and concerns required an engineering solution which was supplied by J.
The original arched altar ciborium at the Lateran basilica in Rome has been mentioned earlier.
The stolen items included seven chalices, five ciborium and two candelabras.
The silver belonging to St John's Church, in Snods Edge, Northumberland, is normally locked away when the church is unattended, but last week a silver ciborium was left out by accident and stolen.
The result was the beautiful ciborium that stands today, albeit modified, on the altar of the San Zenobi chapel in the Cathedral.
silverware, a ciborium of the cathedral of Burgos forming part of the
At the foot of the Magdalene, he saw a jar of oil, prophetic of "the weakness of all our good," (50) not the ciborium as Grunewald intended, and as more than one generation occupied with the Crucifixion's ecclesiastical and liturgical allusions has seen.
In one of the more memorable scenes Huguette's religious advisers held a ciborium over Leonarde's head, and she was required to lower herself continual ly so that her head never rose above the eucharist within it.
In architectural terms it's known as a ciborium or a reliquary, the decorated box meant to contain the host or the remains of a saint in a medieval church.
My first experience of public embarrassment came on the day of my first Holy Communion, when, overcome with unexpected hilarity at seeing Craig Case's face distorted in the reflection of the gold ciborium held above our heads as we kneeled at the Communion rail, I laughed out loud.
Among the displayed treasures are an Early Byzantine ciborium (altar canopy) dating from about AD 500-600, the only such example from this period to have survived from the Middle East, and opulent Imperial Roman jewelry.
venice model extra cups metal logo "compos sui" in the center of the respective ciborium and recorded with base plate wood
In one flare-up, Krejci received a formal warning from a diocesan lawyer in December 2011 after he attended Mass at a diocesan parish the month before and took the host from the ciborium on his own when a minister refused him Communion.
Among the hundreds of splendid objects on display, the rarest artifact in this gallery--the only example in the world--is a 6th-century limestone ciborium or canopy that likely covered an altar or a relic.