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an enzyme that occurs in gastric juice

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thermophilus of Crescenza N and a fermentation-produced camel chymosin (FPCC) (CHYMAX M[R], Chr.
Instead, it examined the production process, which used procedures substantially equivalent to those it would use for other, non-genetically engineered enzymes, to determine that chymosin's use as an enzyme in food is safe.
Chymosin enzyme is aspartic proteinase that is traditionally used in the cheese making.
Andrew Wilbe, "Effect of chymosin reduction and salt substitution on the properties of white salted cheese," International Dairy Journal, vol.
(61) Following these studies, we showed that porcine cathepsin D, bovine rennin (later called chymosin) and acid peptidases from insectivorous plants and several fungi were also inhibited by DAN, EPNP and pepstatin, indicating a wider range of distribution of these peptidases, (62-68) and identified the DAN-reactive Asp residue in bovine chymosin.
In the experiments, Queso Fresco was made with pasteurized, homogenized milk, lactic acid bacterial starter culture, chymosin and flake salt.
While still milk-fed, their stomachs produce ample amounts of the enzyme chymosin (or rennin), a reliable cheeseager.
Unlike calf rennet, which is traditionally used to coagulate milk in cheese production, Maxiren Gold's 100 percent chymosin does not contain any redundant proteases and delivers a pure and concentrated form of the key dairy yeast Saccharomyces (Kluveromyces) lactis.
Organic Valley, a major producer of organic cheeses in the United States, told us, "Historically, rennet was extracted from calf stomachs by killing the calves, cutting the stomach into strips, scraping the lining to remove surface fat, stretching it onto racks where moisture is removed, grinding it, and then finally mixing it with a salt solution until the rennin is extracted." The rennin (also known as chymosin) was needed to coagulate milk during the cheesemaking process, allowing the liquid whey to be removed from the curds that are later pressed into cheese.
The milk-protein cleaving enzyme (protease) chymosin is the most important component in rennet.
Chymosin, found in the lining of a calf's stomach, when added to milk, made early cheese production possible.
Chymosin, a biotechnology-produced enzyme, is used widely in cheese production.
Designed as both a professional reference and a student text, the collection of 31 articles includes principles such as analytical techniques, recent advances in research, and browning reactions; articles on water, enzymology, biotechnology and protein cross-linking include research on enzyme activities, chymosin in cheesemaking, starch synthesis in the potato tube and pectic enzymes in tomatoes.
The active ingredient of rennet is the enzyme chymosin, also known as rennin.