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Synonyms for digestion

Synonyms for digestion

the process of absorbing and incorporating, especially mentally

Words related to digestion

the process of decomposing organic matter (as in sewage) by bacteria or by chemical action or heat

the organic process by which food is converted into substances that can be absorbed into the body

learning and coming to understand ideas and information

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He cites the latter both to refute the chemical as well as the mechanical explanation of chymification.
It is true, that by the agency of gastric juice on food out of the body, a change very similar to chymification can be effected on it; but when we remember that chyme, or the result of real digestion, is essentially the same in its elementary or component principles, whatever be the kind of food from which it is formed, and that as yet we are acquainted with no purely chymical agent which, applied to different substances, gives rise to the same uniform product, we shall be more willing to believe that chymification is neither a purely mechanical nor a purely chymical operation; but the result of a vital process, to which both mechanical and chymical forces contribute, and which no action or combination of inanimate matter can either exactly imitate or supersede.
As Combe states: "If physiologists experience much difficulty in satisfactorily explaining all the phenomena of chymification, the reflecting reader will not be surprised to learn that they are still more puzzled to account for those of chylification.
If chymification had already transformed the diversity of aliments into a homogenous mass with barely detectible traces of its original components, chylification completed the process, so much so that its chemical composition stood in no relation whatsoever to the material from which it was formed.