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a semiliquid mass of partially digested food that passes from the stomach through the pyloric sphincter into the duodenum

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The present work was designed attending that aim, and provide precise data on the coordination among the patterns of evacuation, pH and protease activity in the gastric chyme of the Atlantic salmon Salmo salar juveniles fed a commercial diet.
The main function of the intestinal epithelial barrier is to limit intestinal contents such as water, chyme, and gut microbiota and also to regulate immune responses.
Although the role of Brunner's glands in digestion is controversial, it is hypothesized that a mucus-rich, bicarbonate-containing, alkaline secretion produced by Brunner's glands aids in neutralizing the acidic content of chyme and gastric acid, providing an alkaline milieu to optimize intestinal absorption and lubricate the intestinal walls [1, 2].
These include well-established companies such as Facebook, Google and Microsoft in addition to emerging vendors such as Chatfuel, Converse.AI, Chyme, Gupshup and Meya.
In conjunction, the company has received encouraging results from two Phase 2a clinical trials demonstrating a correlation of the 150 mg dose of ribaxamase with the degradation of residual IV ceftriaxone alone, and in the presence of the proton pump inhibitor (PPI), esomeprazole, to levels that were near or below detectable in the intestinal chyme of healthy participants with functioning ileostomies.
One of the main functions of the colon and coprodeum is to store chyme and retropulsed urine to resorb sodium and water.
The nonabsorbed lactose will retain water in the lumen to maintain the osmolality of the undigested chyme (Mills & Stappenbeck, 2014).
The number of enterococci, lactobacteria, and bifidobacteria in the calves' intestinal chyme after 24 h of supplementation of E.
Premucosal malabsorption is the inadequate digestion due to improper mixing of gastrointestinal enzymes and bile with chyme. This could be because of surgical resection of the small intestine or a congenital deficiency of the enzymes and bile responsible for digestion e.g.
When calcium and/or magnesium are low in the diet, oxalic acid is soluble in the liquid portion of the contents of the intestine (called chyme) and is readily absorbed from the intestine into the bloodstream.
Abnormalities of dental epithelium and failure of initiation of tooth development by underlying mesen- chyme have been considered as the etiological causes of congenital absence of teeth.
Mixing and partial digestion of the food in the stomach by its gastric secretions produce a pulpy fluid mix called chyme. The chyme then passes into the small intestine for further digestion and absorption [2].
--life Fed by digestion, not raw food itself, No gobbets but smooth comfortable chyme Secreted from each snapped-up crudity,-- Less distinct, part by part, but in the whole Truer to the subject,--the main central truth And soul o' the picture, would my Judges spy,-- Not those mere fragmentary studied facts.
Brunner glands are localized predominantly in the submucosa of proximal duodenum that secrete alkaline fluid composed of muc in (MUC-6) which protects duodenal epithelium by counteracting the acid chyme from stomach.
Where [m(BS).sub.supernatant] is the amount of permeated (unbound) bile salt in the supernatant of the intestine model (mg), and [m(BS)] is the starting amount of bile salt inside the digested chyme of the model (mg).