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a semiliquid mass of partially digested food that passes from the stomach through the pyloric sphincter into the duodenum

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coli strain in the intestinal content of the inoculated experimental animals and Escherichia (5-16 colonies on an average), enterococci (4-12), and lactobacteria (8-20 colonies) in the chyme of the inoculated control group animals were analyzed throughout the experiment.
It occurs due to insufficient mixing of chyme with bile salts and enzymes of gastrointestinal tract (pancreatic and intestinal disorders) e.
The chyme then passes into the small intestine for further digestion and absorption [2].
life Fed by digestion, not raw food itself, No gobbets but smooth comfortable chyme Secreted from each snapped-up crudity,-- Less distinct, part by part, but in the whole Truer to the subject,--the main central truth And soul o' the picture, would my Judges spy,-- Not those mere fragmentary studied facts.
The tomato chyme was sieved into an Erlenmeyer flask to remove shaft.
Brunner glands are localized predominantly in the submucosa of proximal duodenum that secrete alkaline fluid composed of muc in (MUC-6) which protects duodenal epithelium by counteracting the acid chyme from stomach.
total] is the starting amount of bile salt inside the digested chyme of the model (mg).
Chyme (the thick fluid bolus of partially digested food) entering the colon from the small intestine is propelled toward the rectum.
Thanks to Ben Foster whose choice of instruments hybridizes into a single merry mix that beautifully accommodates Chyme HD's verses and Ade Piper's chant.
The award was given by the National Institute for Social Care and Health Research (NISCHR) to enable Sheila to have time and funding to conduct CHYME research project over the next three years.
The atoms of the body were once nebula, then rock, then loam, then corn, then chyme, then chyle, then blood; and now the beholding and co-energizing mind sees the same refining and ascent to the third, the seventh, or the tenth power of the daily accidents which the senses report, and which make the raw material of knowledge.
The study analyzed also presence of intestinal motility and its character, intestinal diameter and liquid, accumulation of fluid and gas in its lumen, dynamics of chyme in intestinal tube.