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flow under pressure

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At other times, its cause is not discernible but, nevertheless, hemipericardiectomy and ligation of pericardial lymphatics may result in disappearance of the chylous effusion (38).
Chylous effusions in the pericardial space can arise spontaneously, following penetrating or blunt chest trauma, or following surgical procedures (2, 3).
Mitani et al (19) recently evaluated LAM-associated chylous effusions from patients with LAM, and demonstrated that the cytologic features of LAM cell cluster were a well-organized, globular cluster consisting of LAM cells enveloped by lymphatic endothelial cells.
Cytologic, immunocytochemical and ultrastructural characterization of lymphangioleiomyomatosis cell clusters in chylous effusions of patients with lymphangioleiomyomatosis.
In pleural fluids, chylous effusions are milky white or yellow-bloody and indicate damage or obstruction to the thoracic duct secondary to trauma, malignancy, or congenital abnormality; pseudochylous effusions are also milky or green with a metallic sheen, contain cholesterol crystals and indicate chronic inflammation.