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a milky fluid consisting of lymph and emulsified fats

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A cumulative total of 5400 cc of chyle was removed on an outpatient basis for symptomatic relief of recurrent left-sided chylothoraces.
The lymph fluids from the lower half of the body and the abdominal cavity join the chyle, which is derived from the intestinal trunk, and frequently drain into the junction of the left jugular and subclavian veins.
(19.) Smoke A, Delegge MH: Chyle leaks: consensus on management?
Subsequently the output of chyle fell to 300 ml/d after 7 days and to 100 ml/d after 18 days.
(2,4) The thoracic duct congregates most of the chyle and lymph from the blood.
The elevated pressure creates a relative obstruction of flow, which prevents the drainage of chyle from the thoracic duct into the left subclavian vein.
These are constituents of chyle, an immunoglobulin, albumin-rich lymph fluid, originating in the intestinal tract and returned to the bloodstream by way of the thoracic duct.
Chylous effusions are characterized by the presence of chyle in fluid accumulations in the pleural or peritoneal space following lymphatic obstruction or disruption (3).
The complications in both groups, such as hypoparathyroidism (temporary), RLN paralysis (temporary), seroma, skin burn, flap necrosis, hematoma, wound infection, chyle leakage, and postoperative Tg levels, were not statistically different (all P > 0.05).
Other reported complications like recurrent thyrotoxicosis, chyle leak, tracheal collapse and Horner's syndrome were not seen in our study.
Whitman culminates his metaphor of eating Emerson's writing by extending the figure to its digestive conclusion: "Suppose these books becoming absorb'd, the permanent chyle of American general and particular character--what a well-wash'd and grammatical, but bloodless and helpless, race we should turn out!" (PW, 2:516).
(1) Since then, however, thoracic duct ligation has been shown to greatly reduce the morbidity and mortality associated with chyle leaks.
Traumatic chyle leak: A rare complication of left internal jugular venous cannulation.