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Since he announced his presidential campaign in the US in June last year, Republican nominee Donald Trump has shown himself to be not only an incorrigible narcissist with a raging ego, but a man possessed of an abundance of chutzpah.
The unique blend of chutzpah and vulnerability turns a wild premise into a moving tale of learning to live in the world.
We all meet patients with chutzpah, which can be amusing, impressive--even breathtaking.
The new developments in occupied territories is a sign that Palestinians have been inspired by the undisputed victory of Hamas in Gaza: They are stepping up their campaign for freedom and self-determination, because like their brothers in Gaza, they have also come to the conclusion that Israeli chutzpah has its limits.
The list of lies do not even merit a response, but one must really have the chutzpah to publish them now - at a time when Muslims are killing Muslims in bigger numbers than 65 years of conflict between Palestinians and Israel.
Let's start with the very first sentence, "We must say we admire the chutzpah of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.
It's no dry social-research thesis: With Picking Up, Nagle joins the likes of Jane Jacobs and Jacob Riis, writers with the chutzpah to dig deep into the Rube Goldberg machine we call the Big Apple and emerge with a lyrical, clear-eyed look at how it works.
Summary: Many words come to mind when one reviews the recent moves by Israel authorities against African migrants, such as hypocrisy, and irony, and of course, chutzpah.
But thanks to the celebrity patronage of stars like Noel Fielding and artists like La Roux (not to mention a fair amount of chutzpah on behalf of old Gazza himself) he's back with a 'Best of.
Well, who else would have the chutzpah to make an adverb of "paralysing"?
It's as if unparalleled chutzpah had a baby with unbelievable irony.
It will be quite a challenge since none of them has the chutzpah to ask a girl out.
Beyond Chutzpah On the Misuse of Anti-Semitism and the Abuse of History.
It reached the silly point when White House spokesman Tony Snow quipped: "I don't know Arkansan for chutzpah, but this is a gigantic case of it.