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Synonyms for chute

Synonyms for chute

rescue equipment consisting of a device that fills with air and retards your fall

sloping channel through which things can descend

jump from an airplane and descend with a parachute

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James Fenlon, Little Chute village administrator, said the manufacturing project in Little Chute is expected to generate interest among manufacturers.
Garbage chutes and rooms should also follow a set of safety rules to prevent fires from breaking out in the area.
Moraes e colaboradores (2013) ao analisarem as regioes dos gols (n = 1092 gols) do Campeonato Brasileiro de Futebol, verificaram que as equipes que praticaram mais chute (39%) e mais chute para o gol (42%) venceram os jogos e as equipes que perderam (31% de chutes e 27% de chutes para o gol) e empataram (30% de chutes e 31% de chutes para o gol) tiveram menor quantidade de chutes.
Chute Gerdeman said the transaction is an opportunity to expand retail and restaurant knowledge while exposing the team to new methods of strategy and design.
A categoria masculina por peso de 58 a 68 kg fez 23,70 [+ or -] 5,14 chutes de ataque, 189 [+ or -] 39 chutes de ataque de 1 ponto, 7 [+ or -] 2 chutes de ataque de 2 pontos, 7,30 [+ or -] 2,90 chutes de contra-ataque, 112 [+ or -] 49 chutes defensivos de 1 ponto, 3 chutes defensivo de 2 pontos, 1 chute com nocaute, 7,50 [+ or -] 5,62 chutes frontal, 21,20 [+ or -] 6,73 chutes semicircular e 1,30 [+ or -] 1,94 chutes com giro.
Police were called when the parachute club at Netheravon, Wiltshire, reported the rarity of both chutes failing.
The QASO cleared the area immediately forward of the aircraft but didn't use the established checklist to visually inspect the feed chute, feeder, and gun for any remaining rounds.
The chutes knock bar is made of high density polyethylene and will not dent or scratch the filter.
(3) Mais a premiere vue, il ne semble pas que Camus ait pris le temps de repondre in extenso dans le livre publie peu de temps apres, La Chute. (4) Meme si l'on possede peu de details--compare aux autres oeuvres de Camus--sur sa genese et s'il ne parait pas correspondre a un projet philosophique de longue date, le livre repond certes, comme le souligne Gilles Philippe, a l'episode de cette querelle, au point ou l'auteur va noter, le 14 decembre 1954: "Existentialisme.
If an ammo chute is damaged and can't be hooked up, fix it with latch assembly repair kit, NSN 2590-01-268-7915.
A MOTHER tried to kill her newborn daughter by dropping her more than 40ft (12m) down a tower block rubbish chute, a court has heard.
A MUM tried to kill her newborn daughter by throwing her 44ft down a rubbish chute, a court heard yesterday.
With 100 million users on the photo-sharing app Instagram, publishers are turning to technology companies such as Chute ( to help integrate user-generated content on their various platforms.
However, the five-furlong chute will not be in operation for the Flat fixtures when it reopens, so scheduled races over five furlongs and a mile and three quarters will be reprogrammed.