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having elaborate symmetrical ornamentation

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You'll have a caged pool overlooking a golf course or nature preserve; a "summer" (i.e., outdoor) kitchen; one or more water features (in one house there were five, creating such a racket the salesman had to shout); and enough antiqued tiles, terra cotta, grill work, niches, beams, coffers, quoins, and churrigueresque pillars to make you think you're in a Spanish monastery.
* Recasting and repairing the building's elaborate Churrigueresque facade, which is covered with carved figures depicting literary and stage characters, crests, shields, animal heads, foliage, and fruit in a classic Roman design.
Completed in 1788, the outside is decorated with elaborate Churrigueresque carvings while the inside features three altars done in ornate Plateresque, Baroque and Chiaroscuro styles.
The cobblestone streets, churrigueresque facades, and mansions were to remain as they had for decades.
Our architecture is equally baroque: rococo, churrigueresque, plateresque, and other hybrid textures compete against each other for space and recognition in the very same cathedral or monastery.
These chests had a strong churrigueresque flavor to them, influenced by the Andean highland styles.
At a nearby building, an elaborate churrigueresque facade was slapped on.