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moving with or producing or produced by vigorous agitation


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(of a liquid) agitated vigorously

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The decision resolves charges brought by FINRA's enforcement division last August, when FINRA had filed a complaint against Werner for fraud related to churning of the 77-year-old's account.
New Delhi [India], November 4 ( ANI ): President Ram Nath Kovind on Saturday said that India is moving towards research-based learning and churning out products and technologies for nation-building.
Milk and/or cream are allowed to ferment for up to 12 hours and butter is separated by churning in a gourd.
Churning occurs when a business loses a customer to another competitor, leading to loss of sales (Adwan et al., 2014).
A special retention program can be designed to prevent these seemingly-active customers from churning, especially the ones with high gaming values.
These involuntary eligibility shifts, called "churning," could lead both to gaps in coverage and disruptions in care continuity, the study authors said.
The word "churn'' might conjure images of dairy farms and milkmaids, but there's another kind of churning -- it's financial, and it can hurt you.
This churn was square and not necessarily made of glass, and featured the milk receptacle inside a larger enclosure that "[provided] means for hot or cold water [to] temper the milk in the body." In other words, the outer container could be filled with warm water in cold weather and cold water in warm weather, thus improving the churning action.
If so, then you fell victim to the high-tech equivalent of churning.
Summary: NASA has released dramatic new images of a hurricane churning around Saturn.
The only group worth targeting is the Persuadables because, according to the model, they could be prevented from churning by a good enough offer from Telenor.
Therefore the telecom companies can optimize their marketing involvement resources to prevent as many customers as possible from churning. In other words, if the telecom companies know which customers are at high risk of churn and when they will churn, they are able to design customized customer communication and treatment programs in a timely efficient manner.
Agama's Churn Identification Application can identify customers experiencing problems and at risk of churning. It utilises intelligent analytics to data mine the real-time, 24/7 service quality monitoring data for every single customer, and it is scalable to operators with millions of subscribers.
Reactive retention efforts often start with outbound calls to customers who have decided to leave to determine their reasons for churning out, understand their concerns and provide ways to address those concerns.
all America is a factory by now, the head of it churning out