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Synonyms for churl

an unrefined, rude person

Synonyms for churl

a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement

a selfish person who is unwilling to give or spend

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The legal community isn't really so large, even in Cook County and even across the country, that churls can count on never seeing their opposing counsel again, particularly in this age of multijurisdictional practice and nationwide bar association internet discussion groups.
We churls bumble around butchering the language with our Billy and mes and hopefullys and Who did I see?
Includes churls of activities and the corresponding concept/skill/goal for instruction along with sample assignments.
Churls also enjoy the Olympics, where Michael Phelps has become a soft target having won more golds in a week than Mexico has in 112 years.
The lion rampant roared his way into the quarter-finals, but the collective churls down south never truly expected, or indeed wished, him to go any further.
Churls you were and churls you will remain," announced the king, "in bondage but incomparably harsher.
But in a sports world of high-visibility churls, egomaniacs and fallen idols, Selanne is a bright, shining star.
That was never again the case, and until Giuliani won a crushing re-election in 1997, those who tried to make an issue out of the mayor's ego were dismissed as churls.
to) become the hero of those ballads which vagabond minstrels sing to drunken churls over their evening ale.
For there is no such thing as history nowadays; there are only manifestos and antiquarian research; and on the subject of empire there is only the pamphleteering of churls.
Well, as you know, we don't have a Channel Tunnel yet, though I understand Egbert Ye Mole and a gang of churls from Hibernia is digging a big French-pointing hole in Folkestone.
From the lowliest of churls to the most exalted of nobles and religious officials, all members of society represented raise en scene make use of such words and expressions without constraint.
And every year the churls among us remember that he has only won one of his eight major championships by the sea.