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Synonyms for churl

an unrefined, rude person

Synonyms for churl

a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement

a selfish person who is unwilling to give or spend

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Though churls may win some battles, either because or in spite of their churlish behavior, Aspen confirms that unprofessional behavior is likely to hurt those lawyers in the long run.
Churls also enjoy the Olympics, where Michael Phelps has become a soft target having won more golds in a week than Mexico has in 112 years.
The lion rampant roared his way into the quarter-finals, but the collective churls down south never truly expected, or indeed wished, him to go any further.
"Churls you were and churls you will remain," announced the king, "in bondage but incomparably harsher." (2) Notwithstanding his various protestations to the contrary--"facta referre" is how the poet describes his job (prol.
That was never again the case, and until Giuliani won a crushing re-election in 1997, those who tried to make an issue out of the mayor's ego were dismissed as churls. Giuliani gave them more to work with after he won.
(to) become the hero of those ballads which vagabond minstrels sing to drunken churls over their evening ale....
For there is no such thing as history nowadays; there are only manifestos and antiquarian research; and on the subject of empire there is only the pamphleteering of churls. (32) This passage begins by expressing the importance of the beginning of the post-colonial period, the area of interstices where culture is in transition from overt domination to covert dependence.
(14) Similar to the narrator of the fabliau, "in several of his poems Marcabru expresses specific concern for the bastardization of noble lineages through the granting of sexual favors by noble ladies to low-born churls" (Monson, 267).
"Well, as you know, we don't have a Channel Tunnel yet, though I understand Egbert Ye Mole and a gang of churls from Hibernia is digging a big French-pointing hole in Folkestone.
From the lowliest of churls to the most exalted of nobles and religious officials, all members of society represented raise en scene make use of such words and expressions without constraint.
And every year the churls among us remember that he has only won one of his eight major championships by the sea.
Below the Anglo-Saxon aristocracy, there was the class of the freemen or "churls", which included the craftsmen.
Household surveys of health and health expenditures, such as the MCBS, are subject to non-response and misreporting of medical events (Eppig and Churls, 1997).