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in a churlish manner


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People's Vote campaigners claim the original referendum campaign was based upon lies (I should probably avoid churlishly pointing out that they should know, because they told most of them).
She asks her husband to pick her some of the cherries, to which Joseph churlishly replies, 'lete hym pluk 30W cheryes begat 30W with childe' (let he who got you with child pluck the cherries).
churlishly check and starve that noble life thereof...
Mark churlishly quit, believing he - with all his talent - could do better.
That view has now been confirmed by the Socialist group but instead of using the Groucho Marx defence - "I don't care to belong to any club that will have me as a member" - the SNP duo churlishly complained they were thrown out.
Soon thereafter, a petition on to exile Sedacca from Texas quickly gained over 1,700 signatures, describing the Eater article as a "churlishly negligent treatise." Sedacca's "wild inaccuracies, which dangerously approach libel," the petition reads, "have already stirred the ire of many South Texas communities and further discord may loom on the horizon." Competing op-eds in the cities' respective newspapers only further escalated the conflict.
When I went to their room to escort the Borgeses, I found that he was wearing different color socks, which I pointed out to his wife, whose cold reply was "He won't know the difference." Then, rather churlishly, Sra.
It was rather churlishly attacked by English philosopher John Gray in the May 21, 2015 issue of The New York Review of Books for lacking scholarly rigor (cf.
Jaffa yelped as though snake-bitten at Bloom's assertion that in modern times, "it was Heidegger, practically alone, for whom the study of Greek philosophy became truly central." Jaffa rightly demolished this with one sharp blow: "To speak thus of Heidegger, without mentioning Strauss, is like speaking of Hitler, without mentioning Churchill." Jaffa concluded that when "Bloom says that the one thing needful is the study of the problem of Socrates, and yet makes no mention of Strauss's study of the problem of Socrates (or of Greek philosophy), then he cannot think that Strauss's is the needful one." Thus in Jaffa's view Bloom churlishly disowned the teacher who had originally molded his mind and soul.
The editorial ended with a quote the editors endorsed: "I just don't see how you can have an orderly society if we all start imposing our individual views on a situation," to which the editors churlishly added, "Day should take note."
"For every good turn there was a time when he lost the ball and put us on the back foot defensively," added Hodgson, a touch churlishly even if he later explained he was simply trying to protect the youngster from over-hype.
It is for this that in the recent episode a particular section had had the gumption to put the ISI and its chief on the mat so cavalierly and churlishly.
Look for a lot of activity around getting rich media into both traditional and mobile exchanges, because this is one way to keep CPMs from going all RTB (churlishly called "race to the bottom") on you.
Take the carrier track, "Paper Doll," his thinly veiled response to Taylor Swift's rancorous and churlishly controversial "Dear John" tune, whose lyrics speak for themselves: