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Synonyms for churl

an unrefined, rude person

Synonyms for churl

a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement

a selfish person who is unwilling to give or spend

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Though Park recognizes that behaving well with respect to a churl can be a challenge, he believes "you need to decide how you're going to treat people.
Her 'Afterwards' draws together the strands from preceding discussions in a stimulating examination of Lydgate's Churl and the Bird, in which she identifies a reinforcement of the status quo, drawing strict boundaries of exclusion from the privileged entitlements of clerical and aristocratic societies.
21, a manuscript copied by one of the associates of the Hammond scribe, and used by de Worde for an early edition of Lydgate's Churl and the Bird.
South Korea has named Jeon Yun Churl, who oversaw a crackdown on the nation's debt-saddled business groups during the Asian financial crisis, to replace Jin Nyum as finance minister.
President Kim Dae Jung on Monday named Jeon Yun Churl as new deputy prime minister for finance and economy, the nation's top economic policy-maker, to replace Jin Nyum, who resigned Saturday to run in June local elections, the presidential office said.
With a tiny smile, The plainest girl Outshines by a mile The prettiest churl.
Although we don't want to defend ourselves against a drunken churl who wants to fry 'em all, a colleague in the anti-death penalty movement believes we should wear our T-shirts and display our bumper stickers proudly.
Opposed to the knowledgeable is John the "gnof," who, though rich, is something of a miserly churl, even proud of his ignorance (3455).
Her cake is burning on the stone and her calf is sucking the milk up, the pot is running in to the fire, and the churl is scolding" (88).
Eun Tae Kim, Yea Hwang Moon (1), Kwan-Sik Min (2), Chang-Hyun Kim (3), Sam Churl Kim, Seung Kyu Ahn (4), and Sung Sill Lee *
The fifteenth century saw several spurious tales become attached to the unfinished poem; for example, John Lydgate's works Churl and Bird and Siege of Thebes follow the copy of the Canterbury Tales found in the Christ Church manuscript, while Thomas Hoccleve's poem De Beata Virgine is inserted into this copy and introduced as the Ploughman's Tale.
His proposed solution: "Let's invent a verb to churl ([to] behave churlishly)" (III:604).
What you need is good players because good players win, and winning makes the nastiest churl chummy.
Only Walt Whitman before her, only someone whose "Verse is alive," as she wrote Higginson, could come vulnerable yet alert upon "A narrow Fellow in the Grass"--"narrow" meaning slim but also mean and constraining, plus "Fellow," an associate or equal but more likely an ill-bred male in Shakespeare's sense, a churl.
weieth nat an unce': Empty Poets and Rhetorical Weight in Lydgate's Churl and the Bird"; C.