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Synonyms for churl

an unrefined, rude person

Synonyms for churl

a crude uncouth ill-bred person lacking culture or refinement

a selfish person who is unwilling to give or spend

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The question of Lydgate's exact source for his fables has been a common one: unlike Caxton's corpus, there is less certainty about which specific collection on which Lydgate based his hopes Fabules or The Churl and the Bird and The Horse, the Sheep and the Goose.
Rather, our immortal essences are the beautiful and the good, even if times, customs, paces, politics, and opinions insist that immortal essence is the metaphysical rant of a fool and a churl for a long season.
Though Park recognizes that behaving well with respect to a churl can be a challenge, he believes "you need to decide how you're going to treat people.
To protect Lacy from marrying the "churl's" daughter, Lincoln contrived to have Lacy appointed by the King to fight in France.
Yet, Saadi loved the race of men, No churl immured in cave or den, In bower and hall, He wants them all, No can dispense With Persia for his audience; They must give ear, Grow red with joy, and white with fear, Yet he has no companion, Come ten, or come a million, Good Saadi dwells alone.
Schick, Sir John Thynne inserted a three-stanza poem by Richard Hattfeld on folio 32r, (47) and three stanzas of the last poem in the manuscript, Lydgate's Churl and Bird, were written by still another hand.
Always full of "angst about his private life," Henry found the sketch "hugely saddening." To highlight Henry's forgiving nature, the Walkers here and elsewhere treat Dreiser as the "churl" (224) some of his contemporaries found him to be.
(27) Beryl Rowland, 'Chaucer's Blasphemous Churl: A New Interpretation of Miller's Tale, in Chaucer and Middle English Studies in Honour of Rossell Hope Robbins, ed.
6 In old slang, to "put a churl on a gentleman" is to have which two drinks in quick succession?
Only a churl indeed would complain about the hardships of research within one of the most vital centers of Renaissance Italian culture, and which is still one of Italy's most striking cities.
Only a churl would demand Raymond Blanc quality food at such prices, and the food was never less than enjoyable.
There is covetousness, begotten of an old churl in a leather
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