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When explaining why churchwoman Leona Davis took the initiative to begin a church service despite knowing that to do so was a man's prerogative, Latta states that "she did obey what the Spirit told her to do," rather than what Davis believed the spirit told her to do.
Major white activists included churchwoman Sarah Patton Boyle and editors Hodding Carter II and Ralph McGill.
Moody attributes scholars' neglect of the spirituality embodied in these texts by black holy women partly to the perpetuation of the stereotype of the black churchwoman, a rendition of the slave plantation mammy: obese, long-suffering, selfless, and sexless (167).
One of the greatest accolades that can be given is the statement that The Rev.____ was a great churchman or churchwoman. This is not a statement about someone of high-born theology but a recognition of a person whose love was the Lord and the church, and that this love shaped his or her ministry.
Rev Susan Brown, the first churchwoman in charge of any British cathedral, said: "This is a wonderful thing for Dornoch because it is going to bring a lot of people here.
The nightmare she has in the first chapter, "In France," about a struggle with an old black woman "with a dreadful spidery strength in her arms," emerges from the central episode of the novel, in "New African," where at the age of ten she literally engages in a physical struggle with the figure of her nightmare, an old black Philadelphia churchwoman, Aunt Bessie, who is her nursemaid.
An unmarried London churchwoman, she volunteers at a charitable agency that assists impoverished gentlewomen and otherwise comforts herself with a round of teas and church gatherings.
A senior churchwoman has recalled the less-than-welcoming attitude of some to her appointment as minister of Renfrew North Parish Church almost 30 years ago.
churchwoman who died in El Salvador in August of that year--not by the assassins' bullets that felled Mary-knoll Srs.
What is more, the present Queen is a convinced and sincere Churchwoman, who knows a good deal more about the personnel of the Church, after fifty years on the throne, than the Prim e Minister; but he will give her the Government's formal advice, which she will have to take.
He accused the churchwoman of urging forgiveness, "as long as you are not David Porter".
ANNIE WITTENMYER, of Keokuk, Iowa, had a long history in local benevolent activities; for this prominent, zealous churchwoman, wartime activism presented "not so much a break with her normal life as a shift into a new field of labor," an extension of the work she had been engaged in for years.
A senior churchwoman is to present a special video message on the "baddie" King Herod.
The same excellent scholar turned down at our seminary as a Catholic is also under suspicion at her university because she is a committed churchwoman dedicated to retrieval of the Catholic tradition of moral theology.