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an officer in the Episcopal church who helps a parish priest with secular matters

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On Saturday, churchwardens attended the archdeacon's visit to the Upper Holme Valley team at New Mill.
TWO churchwardens embroiled in a bullying row have resigned from their positions.
The records of vestry meetings that the churchwardens of St.
The next training course for churchwardens takes place at St John's, Percy Main on Saturday, February 9, at 10am.
THE VICAR & CHURCHWARDENS St John's Church, Sheepscombe, Gloucestershire
com The Vicar and Churchwardens, St John's Church, Sheepscombe, Gloucestershire
The Vicar & Churchwardens, The Sheepscombe Connection, Woolgatherers, Glos, GL6 7QT, or email sheepscombepcc @gmail.
com THE VICAR & CHURCHWARDENS, St John's Church, Sheepscombe, Gloucestershire
Apparently a lot of churchwardens and vicars tell porkies about their churches being locked.
Indeed, he argues that the keeping of the records played a role in maintaining this small but tightly-knit community: Sir Christopher seems to have read them aloud at various points in the year, demonstrating both the accountability of the churchwardens to the parish and the participation of each individual in the life of the community.
Two churchwardens, two vicars and a rector will serve the new parish.
The churchwardens directed that the stone be prepared, so that it could be transported the following winter.
The first is primarily directed to understanding the role of churchwardens in the management of parochial affairs; the second examines the fascinating story of the Bury stirs, well-known conflicts between the Puritans and their enemies, that are here revealed as leading to the dominance of the "middling sort" in the religious life of the borough.
Drawing on a variety of sources, including records from Queen Elizabeth I's astrologer, doctors, churchwardens and foreign visitors, Elizabeth's London describes what life was like 400 years ago, not for the royal courtiers we so often see in period dramas, but for ordinary Londoners.