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an officer in the Episcopal church who helps a parish priest with secular matters

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Churchwardens are allowed under a law from 1860 to remove or arrest anyone behaving inappropriately on church property.
Later the same day the team parish held its Annual Vestry and Parochial Church meeting at which the six churchwardens were elected and reports of activity over the previous year received.
com The Vicar & Churchwardens, St John's Church, Sheepscombe, Gloucestershire The Evening Chronicle reserves the right to edit readers' letters
Pauline Grainger On behalf of the Rector and Churchwardens of St John's church
A MIDLAND pensioner who launched a hate campaign in a bid to get two churchwardens sacked has been given a suspended prison sentence.
She urged people with relatives or friends whose ashes are interred in the garden to call the churchwardens to "establish the exact position" of the burial sites.
Ian Madonald and Ian Gold were re-elected as churchwardens for a further year.
Churchwarding with Confidence: a training course for new churchwardens is being held from 1.
PROUD MOMENT: Churchwardens Eric Pile and Margaret Clarke with the framed certificate.
Churchwardens Rosalind Watt and Margaret Kenworthy were re-elected.
The space-age shows will accompany Archdeacon of Warwick the Venerable Michael Paget-Wilkes as he tours churches to commission 125 new churchwardens.
The history of St Paul's Armitage Bridge, held by Huddersfield Library, records that he was so small that the churchwardens had to shorten the legs of the organ stool so that he could reach the pedals.
Now the Vicar, the churchwardens and Parochial Church Council are looking ahead towards a great deal of hard work to raise money to match fund the grant.
The service was followed by the annual meeting at which churchwardens John Dean and Clive Waind were re-elected as were deputy churchwardens Diana Kaye and Kevin Radford.
The vicar and churchwardens of St John's, Sheepscombe, Gloucestershire, have been delving into the parish records and have found several mentions of these names and more common ones like Smith, Green and West.