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an officer in the Episcopal church who helps a parish priest with secular matters

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A CHURCHWARDEN described as a "pillar of the community" has been found murdered in her home.
Churchwarden Beryl Jackson said: "We are thrilled to receive this grant from the YHCT.
Churchwarden at Llanelidan Beci Ratcliffe said: "We're very excited that the York Waits are coming to Llanelidan.
We're really pleased we had such a good turn-out at the fete" said churchwarden Cilla Cook.
Churchwarden Liz Lynn with the smashed doors at St George's Church 130813CHURCH_03 IAIN BUIST
Dot is fully primed for her home meeting with the vicar over the churchwarden job, when, to her horror, she discovers Bobby's pet snake has escaped in her house.
Churchwarden Liz Cowley said the bats have taken up residence in the church's upper regions and are making a mess of the place.
Former churchwarden Mervyn Foulkes then set about giving the weather beaten copper cockerel a welcome facelift, which revealed a local secret.
Churchgoers became aware that the hefty bell at St Gabriel's in Weoley Castle had been stolen only when a churchwarden went to ring it and was met by silence as he tugged at the rope.
org/ehd Linda Quinn Churchwarden, Llandaff Cathedral
The Canoldir Male Choir in full voice Jill Godsall, accompanist with Canoldir Choir; David Bradnock, Canoldir Choir president; James Jones, Canoldir Choir conductor; Ron Moffatt, Canoldir Choir concert secretary; and Colin Kinton; organist and director of music, Saint Michael and All Angels Lady Knowles, William Knowles, Sir Neville Bosworth and Gisela Stuart MP The Canoldir Male Choir in full voice The Rev Barrie Roberts, Assistant Curate of Saint Michael and All Angels; Sandra Brew, Deputy Mayoress; Councillor Randall Brew, Deputy Lord Mayor; Jon Goll, Churchwarden; and Brian Cooney, Churchwarden
After all, I have been a member of a church advisory board for five years, of the diocesan executive committee for three and a half years and a churchwarden for a year and a half.
The churchwarden, who managed the parish "stock", was easily the most important lay official.
A MOTORBIKING churchwarden who has won a slimmer of the year award says he looks so good parishioners keep pinching his bottom.
The dogs ban so infuriated Mrs Austin that she attacked Fr Smith; another clergyman, Fr Barry Smart, and churchwarden Mary Bashford.