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of or relating to a church or to an established religion

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resembling or suggesting or appropriate to a church

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Slowed down by the hard facts of churchly resistance, and with a general lack of enthusiasm for structural unions such as that of the Church of South India, the ecumenical impulse faltered.
Not as influential as Spitta but nevertheless one who felt himself pulled by Bach's churchly output was Wilhelm Rust, one of the editors of the first critical edition of Bach's works.
3) Yet I am more convinced than ever that such sharing is required if both the ministry of the whole people of God in each place and mutual episcope as between the several foci of churchly life are to flourish.
Such works often recalled a modified churchly style with an elevated, "sublime" manner and often included soloist-led choruses sung by vocational musicians.
Nothing would make clearer Mark Jordan's point about churchly moral chatter
The time has come when Voice of the Faithful must make a similar choice between its desire for mere public and churchly respectability before all else, or the extremely unmanageable, unpredictable, and often alarming, radical grace of God in the world," he said.
Des Narrenbeschlussz is not particularly funny, and betrays the same churchly hand.
The voice of my beloved" is Christ's, and recalls the language of Canticles, much favored by Cotton; "the voice of Moses" means churchly legalism; "the voice of John Baptist" means making straight the paths of the Lord, the task of a "clear" minister like Cotton; cruellest cut of all, "the voice of antichrist" signifies the voice of all pastors who, in theory or in practice, taught faith as the condition of Christ's absolute grace, and hence denied Christ as testator.
Women's leadership skills will be honored and taken seriously so that women will be seen as leaders in all areas of the church's life, including but not limited to the following: church councils, Christian education efforts, clergy and bishops, presidents and chairpersons of churchly institutions, commissions and committees.
us gebrincd to dam ecan leohte, (256-7) (Know also, everyone, that it is set in churchly lore that we must on this day bear our lights to church and let them there be blessed, and we must go after with the lights between/amongst God's houses and sing the praise-song that thereto is set.
So rather than divesting her newfound love of Christian associations, Margaret's biblical language and churchly context firmly ground that love in the Christian tradition.
There was muted chatter, no churchly hush, and youngsters were obviously very welcome.
As Clement Wood points out, many outstanding Americans--like Jefferson--were also not Christians: John Adams, who said, "This would be the best of all possible worlds, if there were no religion in it"; George Washington, "a tactful disbeliever"; Benjamin Franklin; Abraham Lincoln, a "rationalist and atheist from the age of 29 to his death, despite churchly claims made in his name afterwards"; Ulysses S.
The theme, he added, should relate to the growth of what he considered to be the most critical and divisive phenomenon affecting ecumenical approaches in theological education--the polarization between churchly and secular ecumenism.
A detailed review of the newly-released publication appeared in the "Buy the Book" section on March 14, 2013 of the very popular American Spectator magazine in an article entitled, " An Irish Methodist Challenges America's Churchly Pacifists.