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Synonyms for churchly

of or relating to a church or to an established religion

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resembling or suggesting or appropriate to a church

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Together they do their chores and fulfill their other responsibilities as sisters of faith, and what is familiar to us, again, is the comedy of their antics and bad behavior as they operate in the churchly world.
Good works counted for nothing, Luther insisted, and indulgences--Church-approved penances for the remission of the temporal punishment due to sin--represented churchly good works of supposedly miraculous efficacy.
They were progressive Unitarians yet they thought the good minister would remain steady, churchly, reasonable, and responsible in politics and morality.
Unlike some historians, Shantz casts a wide net in his definition of what counts as pietism, incorporating in this treatment major figures and movements from radicalism, spiritualism, and churchly expressions of Pietism.
The theme, he added, should relate to the growth of what he considered to be the most critical and divisive phenomenon affecting ecumenical approaches in theological education--the polarization between churchly and secular ecumenism.
We dealt with fear, resistance, great sorrow and the usual churchly indecisiveness.
ix-xliv), consistent with his earlier work, but in refreshing contrast to some recent scholarship, emphasizes Theodore's contribution as a churchly exegete who "assumes that the message of Paul is one that can inform his own time with the promise and demand of the gospel" (p.
But the decades-long public debate over its use (at first, of course, permissible only within the confines of marriage) and its first churchly blessing at Lambeth (1930) were not cause but symptom of the deterioration of society, the dimming of the light of a sensate culture in which pleasure is always the goal because pleasure is always the good.
These questions, and this essay, do not aim to present the case of Christian unity as an individual choice or a self-centred journey with some churchly ecumenical implications.
Ecclesial ministry is not priestly, but sacrificial, living for the sake of the community, which is the only churchly reality to be called priestly.
Even Marxist orthodoxy is now frowned upon, alongside churchly religion, to spare humanity 'utopic' delusion.
The field suffers from the strain of being pulled in two directions simultaneously, one churchly, the other academic.
churchly religion, the indissolubility of monastic vows, a right to suicide, and the clash between opinion and individual freedom.
This gives rise to continual efforts by churchly representatives to purify the state and its institutions.