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actively practicing a religion

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Christian Research, which is conducting the count, has sent 24,000 questionnaires to clergy asking them their congregations' age, gender and churchgoing habits.
But Geldof is adamant that young women will benefit more by watching her mistakes than idolising stars like churchgoing 16-year-old Cyrus, insisting that the Disney star's rise to fame was manufactured.
The churchgoing GCSE student was hit in the neck with broken glass while buying food in the bakery.
The churchgoing teenager's body was found in the Burngreave area of Sheffield.
The churchgoing teenager's body was found in a small recreation area in the Burngreave district of Sheffield on Wednesday night.
Very rarely does a person lapse from churchgoing for doctrinal reasons, like they can't understand the Trinity (three in one) or they can't accept Jesus as the Son of God.
Although churchgoing nationally is dwindling, Shard End is celebrating a thriving and energetic fellowship.
Peter Glover, 62, convinced a jury the churchgoing woman's allegations were lies to police after she discovered that he had a regular girlfriend.
These figures make even worse reading when you look at Christian churchgoing in Scotland, which currently stands at around only 11 per cent of the total adult population.
Despite intense lobbying by Christian conservatives on behalf of Terri Schiavo, a majority of churchgoing Americans believe Schiavo should be removed from life support, according to a new Gallup poll.
She's apparently had writer's block ever since, and this collection of old gospel standards from her Pentecostal churchgoing childhood is the best DeMent's been able to muster since.
It's hard to assess what's happening because the pattern of churchgoing has changed," said Mr Halling.
4)The traditional custom of ``clergy visiting'' has steadily declined in spite of the maxim,``a house- going minister makes a churchgoing people''.
It's not a question most of us are prepared to answer because, despite all of our churchgoing and creed-saying, most of us don't expect to encounter Jesus anytime soon.
If they are not Catholic or churchgoing Church of England they are not going to get anything other than Breckfield Comprehensive which is where my child will have to go.
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