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a religious person who goes to church regularly

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In view of the demanding nature of restoration and upkeep for this unique depiction of the Way of the Cross and its importance in shaping the image of Magallanes Church, art patrons, churchgoers, village residents and civic leaders have all become involved in raising funds for the purpose.
The churchgoers were lucky that a car was parked across the main entrance to fetch someone,' Latog said in a phone interview.
That is to say, Black religious tradition is saturated with values that are learned and embraced as a result of experience in the Black church, and these values may influence whether or not Black American churchgoers seek out mental health services and engage in the counseling process.
One suggestion in the Event Planning Guide involves churchgoers, youth groups, Bible study classes, or even entire churches purchasing professionally designed t-shirts that will be worn on Care for Pastors Sunday.
Some 37 per cent of the 569 churchgoers polled said their opinion of the Labour leader had worsened.
The poll of 569 churchgoers, for the Coalition for Marriage, found that 86% of churchgoers believe that even if the Government changes the law to exempt religious buildings, this will be overturned by the European Court of Human Rights.
Although reports of negative emotions decline on Saturdays for all Americans in general, frequent churchgoers still report experiencing still fewer negative emotions on Sundays, while negativity increased on that day for those who attend church seldom or never.
He said elderly churchgoers would be offered help with transport.
I would be most grateful if I could use your letters page to say that in response to the needs expressed by churchgoers in the survey, a new website has now been established for their support and help.
CHILDREN in Pakistan went back to school after the floods - thanks to money raised by churchgoers.
Summary: Thousands of Copts clashed with Egyptian police during a funeral procession Thursday for the seven people killed in a shooting attack on churchgoers leaving a midnight Mass for Coptic Christians.
CHURCHGOERS are gathering for an international prayer meeting.
THE Church in Wales is still desperately trying to establish whether a mobile dental clinic in Gaza funded by Welsh churchgoers was destroyed by an Israeli missile attack.
I have seen so many incidents where they have been so harsh and strict with churchgoers in the middle of hearing a mass.
Erdington churchgoers have received a novel Christmas present - a new vicar.
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